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Concept of the Quantum Prayer Theory: Understanding Prayers in Detail

Posted by lukachan on June 23rd, 2016

God is the supreme power, who we all love and worship from the core of our hearts. Be it a moment of sadness or delight, God is always there by our side. There is a special connection between God and humankind that has always been there and will continue to be. In times of happiness, we thank God for all that He has given to us. But, when it comes to pain and sadness, we start praying to Him to make everything better again. Just like a child needs his or her mother when sad or in pain, we need God the most when we are going through a tough time.

Right from the childhood, every kid is taught about worshiping God or how he or she should pray to God every day. With the passage of time, every person forms a unique connection with God and starts seeking for His blessings and support. Also, praying to God become much more than a daily practice. You too would have prayed to God a million times by now, but how do you know your prayers reach Him? What does God do when you pray? How do you know your prayer create the desired effect? Ever thought about the same?

Questions like these and much more can be answered with the concept of the quantum prayer theory. The observer relationship with an object derived from quantum physics was once a useful way to explain how subjective love and prayer could reach the object of prayer that has a need. Later, quantum theory with particles and waves came into being. This theory states that the analogy of the particle and the wave can help us detect our human and divine intentions in prayer. Also, we can see what effects a prayer can produce. The quantum prayer theory states that particles generate goal-directed-effects whereas waves generate order-directed-effects. Similarly, particle prayers generate without reference to order while wave prayers generate with reference to order. In addition to the same, it is stated that particle prayer observes more from our physical level of experience and it portrays our personal preconceptions, education, and “goals we desire” for how the result should eventually turn out. We learn that prayers should not be so tied-up with details and goals that there is no room for God. When it comes to wave prayer, it is stated that it observes more from our spiritual level of experience and exhibits our principled love, patterns of order, and “norms needed” for how the result should eventually turn out. Moreover, prayer waves cover more than a single goal; thus, resonating the nearby ecosystem.

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The author is an avid blogger. This article sheds light on the concept of the quantum prayer theory.
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