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Posted by Sarah Jones on December 19th, 2022

Furniture that blends into the space pattern is beguiling as it forms an indispensable part of its architecture. If fused smartly, it can aesthetically blend into the pattern and minimize or even fend off the use of overpriced, standalone furniture. Nowadays, commercial as well as residential spaces comprise built-ins. Permanent furniture, cabinetry, and appliances integrated with the walls are a few types of built-ins. E.g. Built in bookcases, bars, wardrobes, etc. Unlike movable furniture, built-ins do not quit a property with a change in the ownership of the house. Instead, the sale and purchase agreement between the seller and the home buyer will spell out the built-ins.

History of built-ins

The initial use of built-in furniture dates back to the medieval period when aumbries and benches were common. The architects used to design them as an integral part of the architecture of a building. Eventually, people came up with what we know as free-standing furniture.

It reclaimed its admiration during the mid-1900s. Moreover, built-in-furniture portrayed simplicity and integrated the elements of a pattern within a space. People saw it as an inexpensive way of minimizing visual clutter in a design. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, built-ins were admired during the Arts and Crafts Movement across America. Houses like bungalows and Craftsmen homes from that era generally feature a myriad of built-ins. They posed an ideal way of adding additional storage, workspace to a room, seating, etc. Moreover, they helped to broaden a small space.

Popularity in present times

Built-ins are an exceptional way of employing spaces in your home, especially storage areas. Hardly one or two built-ins hither and tither will enable you to secure useful space while adding character to your home or workplace. Whether a bench seat or bookcase, a built-in component will give your space a unique, opulent touch. Pragmatically, there is no limit to where you can integrate built-ins into your home.

It is especially true with custom built-ins that provide a scope of artistry and designs to fit into a particular space in your home. Moreover, your cabinetmaker will consult you while designing to add the specifications and details you need. In addition, he will convey additional ideas or modifications to bring your imagination to life. Built-ins are a coherent way to store items in apartments and cottages that usually lack attics and basements.

Types of built-in concepts

Built-in TV Cabinet/entertainment unit - Nowadays, an entertainment unit is one of the many essentials in any house. Whether it is a bedroom or living area, an entertainment unit jazzes up the space. Therefore, having a built-in TV cabinet is an even more extraordinary idea. Generally, housing an appeasing entertainment unit demands a tonne of space. However, you need not worry about the space if it is a built-in TV cabinet.

Also, it helps you maneuver a dead space by modifying it into something useful. Keep it unostentatious with just a TV unit, or throw in a few book/magazine shelves adding an element of luxe.

Built-in Closet/Wardrobe - Nowadays, people are fond of built-in closets. Everyone has set one's heart on having a walk-in wardrobe at some point in their homes. The built-in wardrobes are the solution you are looking for. Moreover, the built-in closets allow you to get that luxurious experience even in a limited space. Depending on what you can substitute, you can modify even a fraction of your room into a built-in closet area.

Built-in Sofa - Built-in sofas are an uber-comfy and opulent addition to a house, regardless of whether you wish to create a cuddled-up space for your living room or adjoin comfy seating to your backyard. Built-in sofas are just exemplary. You could integrate the sofa frame material to go with the floor or walls based on your design. Further, go for a splendid wooden sofa paired with a simple coffee table or an outdoor fire pit in the backyard.

Built-in Bed - Built-in beds are an expensive and cozy component for any home. By blending the end structure of the bed with the wall, built-in beds save you the area. Another possible design is to fit the bed straight in a U-shaped wall pocket or sideways. Moreover, swaddling the bed space in the walls will give a warm and cozy feeling. Additionally, it would give an elegant look along with saving space.

Built in Bookcase - In-built bookcases often maneuver unused spaces and broaden the utility of a home’s square footage. Besides, they elegantly enrich your room. Also, it is observed that they bring a considerable amount of return on investment. But, using cheap materials, force-fitting them in congested spaces, or hiring inexperienced designers will not benefit you.

Professional or DIY built in bookcase There are two ways to proceed with adjoining built-in bookcases to your home's interior design. They are professional and DIY. A handy type might bend to tackle the project on their own. But, several points must be considered before picking up the hammer and chisel. If you are not an exceptionally experienced carpenter, you would rather appreciate a professional's work on your bookcase. Besides, one might need more tools to work on such cumbersome projects. In such cases working on these projects will only lead to aesthetic disappointment. In addition, it will not bring any return on investment. That's where The Burkhart Co. comes into the picture.

The Burkhart Company

Have a specific requirement for a built-in bookcase or coffee table? That’s not at all an issue. The Burkhart Co. can do any scale project, small or big. Moreover, their furniture designs are built to your aesthetics and requirements, so you’ll wind up with a one-of-a-kind design. High-quality materials and fine handiwork also mean that your project will sustain for years.

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