Safeguard Your Jobs with the Equine Professional Liability Insurance

Posted by arkagency1 on June 23rd, 2016

As a horse owner or related service provider, you ought to be aware of the variety of insurance products available for equestrians. You must know that you require equine professional liability insurance when you derive any income from horses.  It does not matter whether you are a horse trainer, owner of a stable or the proprietor, having insurance will insure you from any likelihood litigation and other legal hassles.  
Why do you need equine professional liability insurance?
Today, various personal and professional liability insurance products are widely available with the various insurance companies. Equine professionals are more vulnerable to lawsuits arising from clients or public because being a professional people expect them to have a higher standard of care than an amateur aficionado.  
What is equine professional liability insurance?
It provides horse owners the coverage for claims due to any negligent act, error or omission arising out of the insured professional equestrians activities.  
What may cover in the equine liability professional insurance plan?
Equine professional liability generally covers damages due to-
1.Bodily Injuries
2.Property Damage
3.Personal Injury  
4.Prize Money Losses
5.Loss of value of horse caused by a professional incident  
Below is the list of professionals who must get the equine professional liability insurance.
1.Trainers- A common claim is the stalling of a horses training because the horse is overburdened due to the teaching technique and tactics of a trainer.
2.Professional riding Instructor- There are incidents wherein students claim an injury they or their horse suffered due to the technique their riding instructor must have taught them. They can even claim that the instructor forced them for a technique which was not safe or further compelled them to attempt something which they weren’t ready to do it. In such a scenario, the equine professional liability insurance will cover you and keep your job intact.  
3.Equine Assisted Service Provider-If an injury occurs to a particular client with specific needs due to the bad decisions or other therapeutic practices by the therapist, Equine Assisted Service Providers can end up in legal troubles.  
4.Horse Handler for Equine Assisted Services-If an injury occurs to the rider just because of your poor judgment that makes the horse whimsical, you can face charges against you.  
5.Horse Show Judge- Judges often have to bear the wrath of the participants. They may think that the judge gave a biased judgment. This can pull you in a lawsuit.
6.Horse Show Steward- When large numbers of horses are present, your one wrong command can lead to serious injuries and may end up in chaos.
7.Ferrier- If a horse is not properly shoed or trimmed, it can lay a negative impact on their chances to win and the owners may hold you responsible.  
There are still so many other cases which can put you and your business in real trouble. An insurance plan secures you and makes you more confident to do your jobs fearlessly and productively.

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