Addiction to Sex and Love Leads To Codependency

Posted by glainmax55 on June 23rd, 2016

Sexual addiction is a state of condition where individuals become excessively preoccupied with varied thoughts or behaviors that further give a desired sexual effect. It is an extremely common practice of today and spouses of sex addictsare the ones that are most affected by it. It is extremely difficult for the spouses as they are the ones who deal with their other halves more than anyone else does. No one factor is considered as a cause to sexual addiction but a wide range of varied factors contribute to the development of the distinct disorders.

At this stage, it gets extremely necessary to avail guidance for re-inventing the relationship in light of current knowledge. The addiction often leads individuals to perform a wide array of tasks, which are extremely embarrassing at the same time distressful both for themselves as well as for the family. Along with this, romantic form of love can be addictive. At times, individuals are completely addicted to lovewhich counts as one of the most harmful forms of behaviors as they are potentially addictive in nature. It is extremely important to avail proper treatment and medication for these cases. The decisions of treatment should hinge on considerations that deal with harm and well-being.

These situations give rise to a wide array of conditions. One of them iscodependency which can be defined as external dependence. Outside influences or external manifestations cannot fill the hole but can distract individuals temporarily. This situation makes it difficult for an individual to have a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship. Here, people often form and maintain relationships which are one-sided and are also emotionally destructive or even abusive. This often affects a spouse or others who surround them and thus is in urgent need to avail professional medication.

There is a humiliating and a degrading form of sexual perversion, which rise from emotional problems. This conditions is known as sadomasochistic which is the act of giving or receiving of pleasure which if generally sexual. The pleasure is derived from the infliction of pain and humiliation. It can also be featured as an enhancement to sexual pleasure where infliction of pain is used as a weapon to incite sexual pleasure. The suffering of these situations is endless not only for the sufferer but also for those around. This calls for professional medication and treatment, which can be derived only by professionals.

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