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Decorating home walls: The picture canvas can add the magic

Posted by CanvasJet on June 23rd, 2016

There are different types of painting, wallpapers, wall art, etc. to decorate your home walls and one can easily use them. But, do you know that the canvas prints specifically for the personal pictures are the latest trend? Very surely all of us some of the most beautiful and the most appropriate pictures for the walls of lounge, dining, and the bedroom. However, similarly, there are pictures that would be perfect for a child's room or even a nursery.

Well, before you choose any of them, make sure that what type of canvas would be perfect for you. The below mentioned are some of the appropriate choices to hang choices from your images.

1. Landscape pictures- The landscape canvas displays are perfect for the living room. In fact, not only home they are even apter for the office walls as well relying upon your business. The landscape style is helpful to achieve and give the effect of the window and therefore, even the small space looks bigger.

  1. The beaches and the gardens- Photos on canvas with the ocean background would look great in the bedroom. The light of the hues, blue and green delivers a calm and soothing impact on the viewer. Whereas, the garden or the flower pictures can brighten your room. The blue, green and other light colors of the image are effective for the cheerful environment. In fact, if you wish to install some creative images foyers these images are the perfect wall pictures.
  2. Pet love- Do you own a pooch or cat? Okay, they are like one of your cutie pie family members. We are sure that you will be having a great collection of their wacky pictures or the adorable ones. These pictures are just perfect to be clubbed for your canvas photo collage. Also, you don’t need to find any of the perfect places to hang it, they are all-rounders for every wall.
  3. Abstract art- do you know that all your pictures right from the childhood, weird to sweet moments can be made to look abstract art. Well, arrange or filter your random or the interesting angled pictures. These are perfect for the walls of the bedroom to cheer up the mood and rejuvenating the memories.
  4. The monochrome magic- Black and whites have always been the classic art. These are flawless and cutting edge art for the canvas. If you don’t have any of the black and white picture you can even edit them yourself. The monochrome images not only revive your sentiments, but they also add a unique texture to the wall as well as depth in the room.

6. Vintage canvas prints - If you want to add the all time classy and the royal look, then vintage art is a must try. Ask your Dubai canvas editor  filter the image with the sepia effect can also do this for you. Well, the effect best compliments to the images with your granny, grandfather, old pet or anything old yet precious and close to your heart. 

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