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Vampire Ashram is devoted to the ancient entities of vampirism & demonology offering full vampiric blood-bound transformations under Lucifera, The Original Vampire Goddess

The Praxis & Vampiric Principles of Vampire Ashram

Our History: Vampire Ashram LLC was incorporated in 2012. Prior to that time, Lucien Mars worked solo with a number of private clients. We are a vampire temple and working conclave devoted to serving and worshipping the trans-dimensionally powerful Vampire Goddess, Lucifera. Our goals are to serve and exalt her extended reign over various planetary and spiritual powers in the multiverse, and not merely over the earthly, heavenly, or hellish realm. We acknowledge Lucifera as the primal vampire goddess above all others as eldest in presence and supreme in power. We view the earth as merely one tiny aspect of her dominion, and the Kabbala, or the tree of life or death, as beneath her vantage point of importance. Because she worships the All Sourceful Father, meaning the ultimate creator who is nameless, we do not worship the “God” of the bible, but the ultimate and true eternal Father, and source of all being in all planets, places, for all created beings, and throughout the eternal creation.


*Direct Vampiric & Demonic Bindings * Vampire Blood-Bound Transformation

Spirit-Entity Bindings & Spell-Casting * Free Informational Articles

We do not publish our inner rites nor disclose them nor sell them, as we are essentially a vampiric and spiritually-based movement devoted exclusively to the worship and furtherance of Lucifera goals and aspirations of conquest throughout the many planetary systems and realms over which she rules. She is the supreme Alpha Draconian Goddess known as the Aya-Khar who rules over an eons old reptilian empire of warriors who represent a far flung multiverse-wide empire known collectively as the CiaKhar Empire. Her elite female forces are known far and wide within and beyond this galaxy as the bringers of instant death due to their vampiric poison that kills on contact. In our vampiric language this is known and alluded to as the SAKH-SAKHN-AN, and also as the AS-ASS-IM, which morphed into the English word for “assassin.”

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This holds true for our reptilian adversary, the failed and fallen king, SSA-TA, an Alpha Draconian reptilian tyrant king who fell from power in the heavenly realms and became known on Earth as “Satan.” He has a relentless and implacable hatred of all humans, including any who worship him, whom he considers as self-sacrificing fools worthy only of being devoured in the burning abyss for their worship and service regardless of any borrowed magical or infernal powers he lends to their ultimate destruction. With rare exception, all Goetic demons are under his dominion, and the greater the worshipper of such demons, the more he demands of their pain and suffering in the afterlife. He is after all considered rightfully “the father of lies,” and with good reason.

~About Our Spirit-Entities & Bindings~

Vampire Ashram caters to vampiric spirit-entities and demonics with various levels of power and personal abilities as described herein. All the bindings are done directly by Lucien Mars, in conjunction with Lucifera, the Primal Vampire Goddess. The level of every spirit-entity is strong in comparison to what many people experience in western occultism. We cater to the needs and desires of those who are searching for hardcore Alpha Class Vampires, Demons, and Hybrids of various types.

These entities have a very strong to extreme manifestation ability with an intense sexual presence and/or metaphysical power. Many can be used for a vampire transformation at a later date if so desired. They also exhibit higher metaphysical and/or sexual powers and abilities than most you may find elsewhere. Their energy is typically very densely felt, with a higher than normal frequency and field of physically felt energy. I bind only entities, not spirits, meaning the associated physical, sexual, and psychic energies may be intense.

Using a uniquely original method of matching and sourcing your name and date of birth with that of the spirit world, we are able to match your personal energy with the most compatible spirit-entity suitable for binding. We call it a Full Affinity binding, which was copyrighted in 1994 when I developed the method in conjunction with Lucifera. I am the original and only source for this type of binding which requires a multi-faceted conjuration, cross-referencing, binding and spellbinding.

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