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Posted by Swayam India on June 23rd, 2016

If you are making up your mind to give your home a redo or a sizzling makeover, then changing your linens can have dramatic effect. The entire vibrations could be changed if you choose perfect linen for your home. From ordinary to extraordinary, a bedroom can be transformed instantly with the charisma of gorgeous looking luxury bedding sets.

A palace or hotel that you pay happily for have luscious sheets and silky soft pillow cases and duvets that make you feel special and relaxed. You can experience that fine luxury inside your home without having to burn a hole in your pocket. You can go to your local store or can go through various online sites form that offers exquisite collection of fine linens. But what exactly one should look in for while purchasing? There are certain aspects like temperature, type of sheets, the size of your bed and of course pattern and color.

Type of sheets

The sheet defines how comfortable your night is going to be. The fabric and its durability ensures that the user is going to get the most luxurious and peaceful resting night. The fabric like cotton, satin and other blends of materials are available in the market. Cotton is always on the top most priority as it allows the user to doze off swiftly due to their smooth and soft texture. As the fabric is made from natural fiber they are suitable for every skin and do not cause any kind of allergy or irritation. Then comes the satin, for those who like high-end luxury. The surface is silky and lingers on skin that engulfs the person who is sleeping over them.


If you are one of those whose body temperature rises during the night then you should better need to consider sheets that are 100% linen or made of pure cotton. Linen does tend to be cooler than the cotton and gives cool and crisp feeling. The fabric controls the body temperature by allowing the air to pass through its pores.

Bed Size

Beds come in all the sizes. Before ordering for a set it would be a smart idea to take the accurate measurements of your bed size so that it fits your bed perfectly.

Color and Patterns

No matter which fabric or type you use, the color matters the most. The design that you choose should completely complement your interiors, otherwise spending bucks will go in waste. You can have a good look around your room before purchasing so that you will get an idea how it is going to be like. If you have interiors in dark shade go for pastel colors or you can also pick floral pattern to give your room a breeze of fresh air.

Swayam India offers a variety of options not only in luxury bedding sets but also in other home furnishing products. You can explore the wide category of bed linens, cushion covers, pillow cases, tablecloth along with carpets and mats.

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