Your Amazing Guide to the Invisalign Tooth Straightening System in Winnipeg

Posted by Tuxedo Dental Group on December 22nd, 2022

Do you wish your smile looked different? Do any of your teeth seem to be missing or crooked? If so, consider looking into Invisaligns in Winnipeg. Invisaligns, a popular orthodontic method that uses clear aligners, is used to straighten teeth slowly. With Invisaligns, people won't be able to tell that you're getting orthodontic work done. Keep on reading to learn more about what invisaligns can do, and if they are right for you.

What is the Invisalign System? Who came up with it?

ATI Industries, an American company leader in healthcare engineering, sells and makes retainers under the brand name "Invisalign." More than a hundred healthcare and therapy companies work with the Santa Clara-based company. More than 50,000 dentists and orthodontists in the United States are trained to do the Invisalign procedure, according to the company.

How are my Invisalign braces going to help me?

The first step in getting Invisalign braces is to talk to a local provider of these braces so that a dentist can help you talk about the specific problems you want to fix. During this visit, your dentist will ask you how you would like your teeth and smile to look. If your expert thinks you qualify, they will give you one of three things to try.

Regular Invisalign braces are the most common type of Invisalign treatment and can be used by most people. This treatment could take anywhere from 12 to 36 months to finish, depending on how bad the condition being treated is.

The other procedure, called Invisalign Braces Express, is meant to help people quickly fix minor dental problems. Because it is not quite as effective as the regular Invisalign process, fewer people will be able to get this treatment.

Teenagers whose mouths are proliferating, may benefit from Invisalign Braces, the most comfortable and convenient way to straighten teeth.

The Invisalign tooth whitening method uses X-rays and unique 3D modeling techniques to make a detailed digital model of your jaw and teeth. Then, your dentist can use this model to make retainers and aligns to strengthen your teeth.

How long would I have to wear my Invisalign retainer?

It will depend on how bad the problem is, but the average treatment time for Invisalign retainers is between 12 and 36 months. Even though the aligners can be taken out during the day, it is best to wear them for 20–22 hours daily to get the best results. If you don't use them all the time, your processes will take longer or stop working altogether.

Do Invisalign braces make teeth straighter?

More than a million people have used the Invisalign system to straighten their teeth, and many more are taking advantage of this new way to care for their teeth. Invisaligns are less noticeable and more comfortable way of straightening teeth than traditional braces.

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