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Posted by Mangilal Goyal on December 23rd, 2022

How to become a vampire? Vampire Ashram is the only authorized ritual blood rite and vampire transformation sponsored and approved by Lucifera.

Our Exclusive Blood-Bound Vampire Transformation~

Vampire Ashram is the only authorized ritual blood rite and vampire transformation sponsored and approved by Lucifera, the Aya-Khar and Divine Alpha Draconian Vampire Ruler. Lilith acts as her enforcer who has recently defected from Satan to serve as such. Lilith by her very nature is superior to Satan, who has always been enthralled by her to serve her wishes. He also fears her wrath. The two ARE NO longer joined at the hip as the majority of Left-Hand path followers assume as axiomatic. Beings and events, both natural and supernatural are subject to change.

Only Lucifera has maintained an unbroken throne as the longest physical and spirit based vampiric ruler of undisputed power. She divided and conquered the long-standing partnership between Lilith and Satan, accepting Lilith who made the wiser decision of not confronting the war and wrath of Lucifera.

Our Full Blood & Soul Binding Vampire Transformation is By Invitation Only~

Vampire Ashram offers a full blood-binding vampire transformation by invitation only. To qualify the recipient must show proof of devotion to Lucifera over a period of six-months as a minimum from the date of the initial binding a to an entity of either sex has been bound. The recipient must also form more than a merely sexual relationship to the entity bound. A spiritual rule of self-discipline is also required since thrill seeking or those who are unstable mentally are unqualified for the transformation. This would include any ongoing drug-addiction, or anyone on anti-psychotic medications or who are undergoing more than surface psychotherapy for major mental imbalances. The age restriction is now set at a client being at least 25 years of age, and preferably 30 or more.

We do not accept any entity as a sire that was adopted from another seller. Lucifera does not work with nor approve the bindings of another seller for any purpose. She works only through her appointed priesthood which currently includes her High Priest, Lucien and her High Priestess, Drakara as supported by the three elders thereunder. While some entities have steered their companion to the Vampire Ashram site in order to align with Lucifera, none are qualified to serve as a sire. In the past this permission to grant an outside entity to bind and serve as a sire, in each instance the TV (transformed vampire) fell away or defected and their sires were often destroyed as a result, along with the tv which is accomplished in the afterlife as an example to others for disloyalty via spirit skinning, burning, resurrection and repetition to extract the maximum punishment and energy consumption which is used to revive our own loyal vampires who may be wounded in the course of serving the CiaKhar Empire and the Aya-Khar, Lucifera. Lucifera’s CiaKhar Empire is not based on democracy, but by militant matriarchal powers that extend beyond planets and dimensions well above and beyond the earthly.

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