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Posted by wang on December 23rd, 2022

This would definitely be an interesting feature to see for Madden NFL 23 matches Madden 23 coins . Imagine how awesome it would be if we could listen to Patrick Mahomes telling his offensive coordinator he would like to run Super Bowl 54's most famous play live!

The XFL will feature a variety officiating teams

Each game will be an official who is solely to determine the spot of an opponent's ball. The XFL will include six women as officials. Because there are four games per week, every game will have a referee that is female. The decision is part of the XFL's intention to promote inclusion within the officiating teams.

"We're striving to provide more options for female officials as well as minority officials," Blandino said The Football Girl Podcast in July 2019. "The XFL is going to serve as a showcase to officials from across the country to have more looks and potentially have some sort of Madden NFL 23 look at them. We're planning to make an inclusive [officiating team."

One of those includes Amanda Sauer-Cook who made history as the first openly gay referee in the history of professional football as she was employed by the AAF last year. Here's more from Outsports:

Sauer-Cook started her career in officiating when a fan heard her ranting about a missed illegal block call while she was at a high school football game with her kids. The person suggested that Sauer-Cook begin attending meetings in order to become a official at a high-school in Westchester County, New York that she did. Since then, she's proudly worn the zebra stripes, and then quickly started working her way up the refereeing ladder.

Sarah Thomas, the first permanent female referee hired for the Madden NFL 23. introduced Sauer-Cook to the retired Madden NFL 23 referee and former Monday Night Football rules analyst Gerald Austin, who also supervises officials for Conference USA. In the following days, Sauer-Cook was being involved in Conference USA games, before transitioning to work for the Big Ten Conference.

The AAF hired three female coaches in the spring. Two of them coached on Madden NFL 23 teams last season, including Lo buy madden nfl 23 coins Locust and Jennifer King. The XFL may bring recognition to women officiating which could perhaps be the catalyst for Madden NFL 23 to employ additional female refs, like Thomas.

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