5 Reasons Why Surgical Wound Care At Home is Imperative

Posted by Health Heal on December 24th, 2022

If you have suffered from serious injuries in a recent accident or you have had surgery, then the wounds can remain for a long time. Hiring professionals for surgical wound care at home is essential if you don’t want to complicate the condition.

Wound care is important as chronic wounds may have severe consequences. Non-healing wounds can indicate deeper underlying problems. Only the professional wound care team can detect the problems and offer the right solution to achieve the stage of expected healing.

Here are the basic reasons that lead to the need for professionals for surgical wound management.

Reason #1: Knowledge of phases of wounds

Wound healing medically occurs in three phases:

1. Inflammatory

2. Proliferative

3. Remodelling

Knowledge about each of these conditions is important for better healing

For instance, the inflammatory phase involves natural responses from the body to the injury that can trigger local inflammations. With surgical wound care at home, you can keep such inflammations at bay and get relief from conditions of erythema, oedema, and heat.

Reason #2: Surgical wound care at home excels in wound cleaning

Do you know how much crucial it is to keep wounds clean? It's the only way to prevent SSI development. So, proper dressing and cleaning of wounds are mandatory to reduce the chances of SSIs.

The process includes

• Dressing and cleaning the wounds

• Necessary antibiotic treatment

• Debridement

• Further medication suggestions for faster healing

Unless you keep the wound clean, several conditions can arise from the germs and dirt accumulating on the wound.

Reason #3: Accurate dressing

Dressing is always an imperative part of post-operative wound management.

• The professionals know how to maintain a moist wound environment to promote wound healing through the dressing.

• The care team can remove the additional exudate that can lead to maceration at the site of the surgery.

• Professional wound management offers an effective barrier against fluid or bacterial contamination. The dressings adherent to the skin but will have atraumatic removal.

No two wounds are similar. The post-operative wounds can have similarities but the body’s response will vary greatly. The expertise of surgical wound care at home will help you to get better within a short time even if you are trying to recover at home instead of staying at the hospital for days.

Reason #4: Prevent complications

There is always a possibility of complications from surgical wounds. The most common issues are

• Wound dehiscence

• Infections

The wound care professionals know about the signs and symptoms that indicate any of the complications. With early review and treatment of the condition, the problem cannot transform into a considerable physical problem.

Reason #5: Effective management of surgical wound care at home

If the care team suspects a wound infection, the professional will immediately start planning the next course of action to make sure that your wound does not worsen.

So, if you want a quick recovery post-surgery within the comfort of your home, don’t forget to appoint an experienced wound care professional for in- home service.

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