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Posted by Liz Seyi on December 25th, 2022

While the period between Christmas Day and many people’s return to post-Christmas working life from early January can be a magical time to catch up with friends and family and share in the joy of the festive season, it’s fair to say it can also be a slightly… awkward time. 

And by that, we aren’t just talking about the decision of whether you should demolish that third or fourth chocolate box. We are, of course, touching on the awkward situation for businesses at such a time of year, when sales tend to nosedive. 

Customers’ budgets are usually exhausted in the immediate post-Christmas period, so it’s important to appreciate that simply ‘marketing harder’ isn’t really an answer for keeping sales ticking over during this tricky time for e-tail firms. 

Let’s, then, take a look at some of the things your online store ought to be doing between Christmas and the New Year. 

Reflecting on previous post-Christmas sales events – and learning from it 

You were probably expecting us to start this rundown by suggesting that you launch into a post-Christmas sale – and we’ll get to that aspect in a minute. 

First, though, it’s important to acknowledge that for many of you reading this, 2022 won’t be the first year you have tried to put on immediate after-Christmas sales. So, if that’s the case, look back at historical data – including which of your store’s products sold well, what discounts were most popular, and at what point target customers seemed to lose interest in your sales. 

All of this information will help you take the right approach with your post-Christmas sales this year. 

Putting on a post-Christmas sale… but carefully thinking through your messaging 

As we touched on above, customers do tend to be quite ‘spent out’ in that awkward bracket of time between Christmas and the New Year… but that doesn’t mean they won’t have an eye for the right bargains. 

After all, a lot of your store’s target customers are likely to have spare time on their hands through this period, causing them to reach for their smartphone and see what’s ‘out there’ on sale. 

You might choose to present your own store’s post-Christmas sale as a ‘winter clearance’, getting rid of remaining 2022 inventory, or you could place the emphasis on free gifts for those who spend a certain amount with you on one order. There are plenty of possibilities. 

Targeting “new year, new me” shoppers 

We all know that feeling. We may have spent the Christmas season eating our weight in sweets, but the moment 31st December turns to 1st January, we will be immediately activating our self-improvement plan – to lose weight, to save more money, to go on that holiday… you name it. 

So, if your store sells items that could be marketed as aids to the fulfilment of New Year resolutions, the immediate post-Christmas bracket could be an excellent time to go big on that messaging. 

This isn’t going to be a time of year when people will be greatly inclined to buy even more chocolate boxes or bottles of wine… they will be looking to improve themselves in some way. 

So, you might instead choose to focus on promoting items that will help them become that better version of themselves – productivity aids such as tablet computers or stationery, for example, or items that could help enhance health and wellbeing, such as fitness equipment and health supplements. 

Considering how to reuse those post-Christmas leftovers 

Everyone has something left over after the Christmas rush. At home, that might be lots of discarded wrapping paper and empty boxes. But within your business, you may have a similar situation – excess stock that you just couldn’t quite sell, or even leftover shredded Xmas craft tissue, like that you might have ordered from Shredded-Paper.co.uk. 

One of the beautiful things about shredded paper is that it really is hugely versatile – able to be used,as we addressed in an earlier blog post, for purposes ranging from Easter baskets to the packaging of delicate items your store might be sending out to customers during the year ahead. 

So, you never really have to worry about having ordered “too much” shredded Xmas craft tissue from us, as there isn’t really any such thing. And of course, you’ve always got the option of keeping some of it to one side for next Christmas! 

Not just at Christmas, but right through the year, we’re here at Shredded-Paper.co.uk to cater to your requirements for high-quality shredded paper in all manner of colours – with delivery being free to most mainland UK postcodes. We’ll help you and your business end 2022 and start the New Year in the right way! 

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