How To Print And Self Publish A Children’s Book

Posted by susu on December 26th, 2022

Children's book printing

With the fast development of early education. More and more parents take more attention to children's education. Which makes that children's book printing and publishing are hot popular in the book market. And more and more self-publishers join in children's book market. But how to print and self publish a children's book to sell? Most of them are without such of the experience. Today, we will talk about this issue from the introduction below.

Know about the process of print and self-publish

This step is very important if you are the first time to print or self-publish. Know about this step, can help you know about the difference between traditional publish and self-publish. And then to balance which mode is suitable for your children's book to publish. Only you know about the self-publish process. you can know how to maximize your profit and save much hide cost.

Determine the target of your children's book

Before you creating a children's book, you need to determine what target of your children's book is. In children's book market, there are 10 thousands of children's book on sale. If you don't know your target, you are hard to create a wonderful children's book and make it sell well. Besides, different age of children, they are needs for children's book are large different. So you need to determine your book is the target for which age of children. And then to find out this age of children favors what type of content. So that you can create a unique children's book to print and self-publish.

Custom children's book printing and then self-publish. If you want to make more money. We need to create a book with rich content and picture at first. A children's book wants to sell well in children's book market. Not only need the good content, also need the beautiful and attractive pictures. So now we need to create a book and then hire a designer to design the illustration.

Creating your children's book before print 

Once you determine the target of your children's book, you can start creating your book. When you are creating your book. You need to full consider your target readers' favor of what types of content and then writing in your book. You'd better create your book from your target reader's point of view. So that your book can be hot sell in the children's book market. Custom children's book printing and then self-publish, and then want to make more money. We need to create a good at first.

Design the illustration of your children's book

If you don't have any photography or design experience. You'd better hire a professional children's illustrator to design illustration. If your book creates illustrations that complement the story. It will make your book more popular. Because compared to the word, the illustration is more easy to attract the customers. Especially for the little children. They are more in favor of the beautiful illustration. If you without illustration experience, you can't do it well. But if your book is a pure story book or novel, you can ignore this step.

Self-publish and print your children's book

After finishing the artwork of your children's book. If you don't plan to find the publishers to cooperate, you can choose self-publish. If want to sell your book through Amazon, eBay, etc online channel. You need to apply for an ISBN of your book before printing. Apply an ISBN, you can find a profession agency to help you do that. Then, you need to find the children's book printers to quote. And you can select one printer to start your children's book printing. How to select a right children's book printer? My before article has introduced.

Promote and sell your children's book

When print and self publish your book, you can promote and sell your book. How to promote and sell your children's book. Below have some ways for you to refer.

1.Promote your children's book through the social medias. 

2. Such as TikTok, YouTube, twitter,Facebook, Instagram, etc. When more and more target customers know your book. Some of them will buy your book.

3. Promote your book through personal social circle.

You can send your book to your friends, neighbor and partners for free. And let them introduce your book to others after their children reading. If you have some fans, you can let your fans help you forward your post.

4. Cooperate with the offline bookstore

You can find the local bookstore and request their consent to show your book in their bookstore.

5. Sale your book through an online store. 

Such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. Online store is a good choice for self-publishers to sell their book.

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