Hedonism day

Posted by jeenniwill on June 24th, 2016

Everyone is entitled to a self-indulgent hedonistic day every once in a while. And those who don't practice this should start right away. Hedonism day is a personal holiday we’re entitled to take at least once a year (just don’t tell your boss that’s the reason you’re staying home). Throw any guilt out of the window before you start, cut off any lines to work or people who annoy you and spontaneously do anything you want the whole day. You can go about this in many different ways but here is my personal favourite.

  1. Sleep

I shouldn't even have to say this but don't you dare put on any alarm in the morning. Just sleep as long as you want and after you wake up, go back to sleep and after that take a nap. As many times as you want. Stay in bed until you feel the natural urge to get up. A very important tip is also to make sure you don't have to go to the bathroom and have a snack and something to drink next to your bed so that you're perfectly comfortable at night. You shouldn't have to get up because of a pesky bladder.

  1. Relax

One of the best ways of relaxing is to draw yourself a bath. Use essential oils to make yourself feel like you’re in a spa, throw a bath bomb in to the bath and for good measure add bubble bath liquid on top of that. If you want you can light candles all around, turn off the lights and put on tranquil music of your choice. Of course do not forget your favourite guilty pleasure be it chocolate, coffee or wine and simply relax the day away. A face mask, body scrub etc. are a great way to make yourself feel special and treated. After your bath spoil yourself with moisturisers and crèmes. Even if you don’t believe in it will make you fell and smell so nice.

  1. Stay comfy

The only clothes you’re allowed to wear are oversized ones. If you can stay in your favourite pyjamas all day that would be ideal. Or if you’re confident (and warm) enough just go nude. Who cares about the neighbours who see through your window. If you don’t want to brush your hair don’t. Literally don’t do anything you don’t feel like doing. Even if it’s just a small nuisance.

  1. Eat

Eat absolutely anything you want. If you want to spend the whole day eating ice cream, go ahead! If you want to eat a chocolate vanilla cupcake right before your dinner of chips with cheese, great! And if you want to eat pickles dipped in marshmallow fluff that’s fine to. Throw out any rules about food you might have away and just stuff yourself with pure happiness. Let the endorphins flow. The only thing to keep in mind is to not make yourself sick and even that is only because you don’t want your special day ruined.

And remember, on hedonism day society does not exist. Cut yourself off from everyone and everything you know for that day so that no ideas about being judged start creeping in. Enjoy!

This article was written by Neza Vizintin, a content marketer for one of the leading PPC agencies in London.

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