Top 10 Universities to Pursue Ph.D. in Business Studies in Canada

Posted by Jack Samule on December 29th, 2022

Canada accepts many international students for business studies since it has many preferred and respected business schools with excellent programmes, affordable tuition, scholarships, and employability-enhancing units. Being a multilingual nation, Canada's top business schools offer higher education programmes in both English and French. Students in Canada enjoy the same high-quality way of life as the rest of the population.

These top 10 business schools in Canada continue to attract ambitious international students for various reasons, detailed in the descriptions of the schools that follow the list.

Information about Canada's Best Business Schools

The average pay students earn after earning an MBA highlights these top 10 business schools. Particularly if you have a Queen's University degree, the return on investment goes from CAD 82,000 to CAD 94,000. The top three institutions in Canada are ranked at the top of the list because they produce management consultants, financial controllers, financial analysts, and marketing managers with the highest salaries. The finest MBA programmes in Canada provide degrees that may be earned in as little as two years, and their tuition costs range from CAD 22,000 to CAD 120,000. However, each university has policies, and grants can occasionally help you save a little money.

Consider enrolling in one of Canada's top business schools if you're interested in a career in business or entrepreneurship:

1. The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia's Sauder Business School has held the top spot for its exceptional business programmes for more than four years, integrates theory and practical applications, addresses fundamental business issues, and promotes a broad business mind-set. If you want to enter the Sauder Corporate School, you can begin with the four-year Bachelor of Commerce degree. This curriculum prepares students for the business world by teaching them problem-solving abilities and all the required soft skills for the job market.

2. Toronto University

Due to its yearly influx of thousands of international students, the highly regarded and multifaceted University of Toronto has established itself as a leader among other prosperous universities. Students at the University of Toronto's Rotman Business School have the luxury of selecting their study programme based on the stage in their career. You can choose the degree you want to pursue from the early-stage triangle: Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting, Master of Financial Risk Management, and Master of Management Analytics. You might consider enrolling in a Full-Time MBA, Morning and Evening MBA, or Master of Finance programme to develop your career as an entrepreneur. These programmes are ideal for people with hectic schedules.

3. McGill University

McGill University has continuously increased the use of study strategies throughout its faculties since it was founded in 1906. It is also one of Montreal's oldest institutions, and all its courses are in English. The Desautels Faculty of Management consistently attracts the best students in Canada, mostly because of its stellar reputation and the numerous opportunities it provides for integrating corporate careers.

4. Alberta University

Regarding standing and reputation, the Alberta School of Business is regarded as the most trustworthy and significant centre for creating successful entrepreneurs. It ranks among the top five Canadian universities, with 45,000 international students as its student body. Finishing one year of pre-professional study at an accredited post-secondary school is necessary before enrolling as a Bachelor of Commerce student at the Alberta Business School. It would help if you made your way to the top academic levels of study to have a successful profession.

5. Queen's university

Which Canadian business school should you select? Check out and consider the Queen's University Smith School of Business's features.

  • Conducted numerous types of research focusing on business venturing, sustainable finance, analytics, and other topics.
  • It offers a variety of cooperative education programmes, socioeconomic business activities, and coaching services.
  • Smith Business School offers all the possible programmes: undergraduate programmes, MBA programmes, graduate programmes, and executive education. 

6. Western university

The Western University, founded in 1878, offers Canada's best and most valuable degrees. You have many opportunities to pursue your desired job at 11 faculties. The Ivey Business School has more than eight programmes available in business studies. Honours Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Management in Analytics are the three programmes out of those eight that attract the most international students, without excluding Canadians. Why is that, then? Regarding the HBA testimonies, it has been established that students who completed the programme developed into leaders with the necessary abilities to find their sincere businesses.

7. McMaster university

Since moving from Toronto to Hamilton in 1930, McMaster University's academic atmosphere and faculty personnel have significantly developed. A solid podium supports the goals and aspirations of numerous students who attend the university and are either from Canada or from all around the world. The DeGroote School of Business is prepared to provide extensive business programmes for those who are enthusiastic and eager to be business owners and workaholics. You may study business fundamentals and apply what you learn in real-world business scenarios by enrolling in undergraduate programmes in undergraduate commerce and integrated business and humanities.

8. Calgary University

The research system at this university's centre has elevated it to prominence across Canada. The Rocky Mountains' face is where Calgary University's main campus is situated, providing a natural setting. The business school at Calgary University offers a lot to offer individuals who desire to major in business and pursue their dreams of successful entrepreneurship. You are now free to enrol in the Haskayne School of Business, where you may locate all the conceivable programmes after researching the amazing campuses, the courses offered by the school, and, last but not least, the curriculum.

9. McGill University

The entire name of Canada's first management school, "HEC Montreal," is "École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal," certainly in French. The University of Montreal has changed several business sector concepts since 1907 and built countless laboratories for pertinent colleges. The remaining business programmes are available in French and Spanish in addition to English, except for the Master of Management in International Arts Management. It provides students with the most sought-after employability skills and the self-assurance to face the continuous difficulties of the business world as a highly accessible educational institution.

10. Concordia University

The University of Concordia is regarded as one of Canada's top 10 business schools for international students because of its cutting-edge teaching strategies. Additionally, the resources it offers to better equip students for the current and future job markets. This university is expanding quickly and gaining recognition internationally, enrolling more than 9,000 international students in its faculties. The John Molson School of Business has prioritised including students in its learning and research settings over the years to foster the development of fresh business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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