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Posted by Steve Cooper on December 29th, 2022

Linux VPS is a new hosting option which is based on server partitioning. The web hosting server can now be partitioned virtually and provided to website owners or resellers who would have complete access and ownership of their share of the server. Each user would be able to control their part of the server independently. Most of the hosting companies today offer VPS hosting since it offers better flexibility, better control and functionality at a lower cost to the users.

Why should you use this option?

Using Linux VPS can offer several different advantages to the users. You would be able to enjoy the best of shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. VPS is created by splitting a server in such a way that every server would be able to run an operating system of its own. You would also be able to reboot your server without affecting the other accounts on the same server. The server partitions would be able to work like dedicated server. However, the resources would be shared. It is because of this reason that the costs are significantly lower than the dedicated servers. Every server would be flexible, secure as well as reliable, just as dedicated servers.

Multi tenancy

Another benefit that you can enjoy by using VPS is multi tenancy. You can allocate different resources to your clients once you obtain VPS hosting. Resellers would be able to control the resources completely. They would be able to allocate different services to clients like email accounts and web space. This would allow the resellers to host various clients from a single server. The CPU resources can also be virtualized to make them appear as dedicated, stand alone servers for the clients. The administrator would also be able to control the resource levels efficiently through management of automated control panels.

The benefits

There are several benefits of using Linux VPS. You would be able to enjoy cutting edge technology in servers. You can have large memory and complete customization as well as high end processors. The lag time for CPU between commands and executions would be zero. You would be able to use control panels like Direct admin and cPanel for full control of your server. The set up is very quick and quite easy and activation would be instant. You will also be able to enjoy complete security and privacy. To sum it up, VPS is a good option for those who want to enjoy multi tenancy, virtualization, resource management and clustering. It would allow you to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting at lower costs. Using Linux VPS would be the best way to keep your hosting charges to a minimum and yet enjoy a wide range of features.

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