Viper concluded his post with a positive note in his post

Posted by wang on January 2nd, 2023

Back in April, Blizzard stopped one pirate World of Warcraft server that had the MMO's beginnings before it was able to receive any expansions. Blizzard visited with the Nostalrius team responsible for WOW WOTLK Classic Gold Nostalrius in the past, and we have a clear idea of what they spoke about, and what Blizzard is on the issue of old servers.

"After this session, we're confident that these guys WANT to get traditional WoW servers, that's certain," said project manager Viper on the Nostalrius forums. "We have done everything we could try to create this presentation and discussion as professional as possible and it evidently was a nice surprise present for everyone on the Blizzard team, with CEO Mike Morhaime in particular."

The event was scheduled to last less than two hours, but ended up taking for over five hours. Viper affirms the Blizzard was "very attuned, curious, [and] very attentive." Attendees included actor Morhaime, executive producer J. Allen Brack, and game director Tom Chilton. Viper mentions that the Nostalrius team was "very shocked by the level of reverence and admiration they were able to show for" the legacy server work they'd worked on.

The discussions that took place included the history of the pirate server and how it was created along with other technical details like the anti-cheat system the team developed for Nostalrius. But, nothing related to bringing official legacy servers to life was confirmed.

"First of all, don't forget that, at a company of this size that nothing is decided during a single meeting. They have the right to announce any decision that is official by themselves," Viper wrote. They added that Blizzard has access to the code source of "Vanilla WoW," and it would require "tremendous effort" to get it up and running.

"In conjunction with the technical aspects of releasing a server that is older, Blizzard will also need to offer an extremely refined game that is accessible to their millions players. This is something that existing unofficial legacy servers can't provide," Viper wrote. You can see what technical work would need to be done over on the Nostalrius forums.

Viper concluded his post with a positive note in his post, stating the Blizzard is "now fully aware" of all the player who would like for the game to be played on World of Warcraft on legacy servers, thanks in large part to a petition with over 250.000 signatures. Viper also said that Brack would like to stay in contact via the Nostalrius team.

The latest hotfix update for World of Warcraft has arrived which brings changes to classes, covenants, raids, dungeons, creatures NPCs. This isn't a complete patch, but rather a hotfix, so your client should be updated promptly to take advantage of these updates.

With the introduction of the new class, the Death Knight's Chains of Ice has been changed to buy WOTLK Gold be removed from the target when combined with spells such as Blessing of Freedom. Additionally, the Demon Hunter, meanwhile, finds a solution to one of its skills, in addition to the Monk's power of runecarving for its critical strike boost is now properly applied.

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