Are the Half-staff Proclamations at Your Organization Being Honored?

Posted by James Burton on January 3rd, 2023

Flags flown at half-staff are the indicators of a time of mourning. National days of mourning can be declared by the president, and the governors can announce observances in the local states. Be it either at the state or national level, government buildings, grounds, and navy vessels are given the instructions to lower their flags to honor the occasion. These flags may be custom nylon flags as well.

Although it’s not needed, a lot of commercial and private organizations will take part in these observances and lower their flags to half-staff in a display of support for their country. During these observances, people can even put mini flags on their coat pockets to symbolize their respect for their nation. 

Half-staff Observances for Businesses

Although verbally straightforward, it is not easy for businesses to partake in half-staff observances. Sometimes, a proclamation will happen over the weekend or on holidays when the company is closed. 

The question arises - how to showcase your respect for your country when the half-staff alert is occurring outside? 


Is the half-staff occasion especially meaningful to you and your company?


Leaving your flag up all day, everyday, can leave the onlookers in a state of confusion. So, think before taking any action. Ask yourself critical questions like whether it will be more impactful if you should leave it up at half-staff for an extended period of time or not observe the proclamation at all. 

  • Is your flag properly illuminated for night flying?


Before executing your plan, ensure that your flag is illuminated adequately for nighttime flying. The U.S. flag code does not mention anything about keeping your flag lowered for an extended period of time; it does mention night time flying. So, you can use custom nylon flags for self-satisfaction. 

Make sure to use a solar light or some form of illuminating light to ensure that your American flag is identifiable from a distance at night.

  • The 3-Day Rule


How does the 3-day Rule work? It is simple by lowering your flag to half-staff on Friday evenings and raising it back to full-staff on Monday. Thus, the 3-day cycle of half-staff would be completed.  

The same applies to federal holidays. Lower your flag to half-staff the day before, then raise it back the morning after the holiday. 



At the end of the day, nobody has an obligation as a civilian to fly their flag at half-staff. While the thought is good, never beat yourself up to it because you left work already. 

Always remember that if you feel passionate about showcasing some support to your country, observing half-staff at home with a mourning bow or custom nylon flags is always an option. 

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