Benumb Cards: Guide To Bypass Credit Card Payment On A Website

Posted by MasonMiller on January 3rd, 2023

There are many payment methods that people use in online stores today, but one of the most common among the numerous options is the use of credit cards. Today, more businesses and websites are offering this as a payment option to allow them to stay relevant and competitive and also provide more convenience for their customers. However, there are many cases where you may not feel comfortable using your credit card to make any payment. If you’re looking for a way to bypass the use of credit card payments on a website, you’re at the right place. This article will take you through steps to help you bypass credit card payments on websites.

Here are some tips to follow:

1.      Consider Using an Alternative Payment Option

If you don’t want to use your credit card to make payments on a website, you should consider using other payment options. There are so many other payment options that you can use instead of using credit card payments. Some of the most common options to consider are e-wallet, bank transfer, PayPal, and mobile payments. You can check the website to see the payment alternatives they offer. Most websites will offer multiple payment options in addition to credit card payments.

2.      Use Cash on Delivery

Depending on the item that you are buying, another popular option that you might want to consider is to use cash on delivery. With this option, you get to pay in cash whenever the product or service arrives. Before you use the website, it’s important to check and confirm that the website offers the option to use cash on delivery.

3.      Use Gift Cards

Another option that you should consider using is to use gift cards from the same website you’re buying from. With gift cards, you can pay for different products or services, and you won’t need to use credit card payments. This is also a great alternative that you should consider, especially if you’re not comfortable with using your credit card for online payments. However, one thing that you should note about this option is that you cannot use it on every website.

4.      Look for Discount Coupons

You will be surprised at how much you can benefit from coupon codes and other discount codes. The interesting thing is that most websites offer coupons that allow users to enjoy discounts on any purchase they make on the website. With this code, you can conveniently lower the price of your purchase, and you won’t need to use your credit cards to complete the purchase. It’s worth noting that you may need to search the website or sign up for their newsletter for you to get these discount coupons.

5.      Use Hacked Credit Card Information

This is an option that people consider, but it’s worth noting that using hacked credit card information is illegal, and you could land in serious trouble if you use this option. Today, there are many tools and websites that offer hacked credit card information for people to use in buying items on websites. Another thing worth noting is that this is not a secure or safe option, and you should only do it if you’re sure about the source of the credit card information.

With the tips that we have highlighted above, you can easily avoid using your credit card to make any payment online. However, before you make any purchase, the best thing is to check through the website and check the different payment options that they offer. From this, you can conveniently choose the payment option that you are most comfortable with.

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