Difference Between Microsoft Project 2019 And MS Project 2021

Posted by DirectDeals on January 4th, 2023

MS Project 2021 Download can be your boon companion only when you use it correctly. Sometimes using Microsoft Project can be challenging to project managers. Microsoft Project, now pronounced Project Professional, allows you to collaborate with your team by utilizing Gantt charts, kanban boards, dashboards, roadmaps, and more. Microsoft Project is the most famous software today in the field of managing projects. After every few years, Microsoft releases a new version of its software, and MS Project 2021 is one of them. So, in this article, we will glimpse how the latest version differs from the previous version. 

Microsoft Project: Management tools

It offers the ability to schedule tasks and activities easily and quickly. With this, you can delegate the work to all your team members in one place, like a folder, calendar, template, etc. But the newest version of Microsoft Project is better than this in many ways. First of all, it includes everything that is held up with Microsoft Project 2019. And in addition to that, 2021 has features that help you automatically and can make your project impressive. 


Microsoft Project 2021 has a planner feature that helps you plan your project. This can also be done in the previous version, but the latest one has some additional features, like creating trusted and automated schedules. The new version has detailed features to manage, design, and plan, which were not present in the earlier versions. 

The main difference between both versions:

  • Microsoft Project 2021 has pre-built templates that allow you to get your project a good start.

  • The new version has a trusted and automated scheduling feature that will help you in increasing efficiency and save valuable time.

  • The new version helps you enormously in the best possible way when it comes to executing task assignments.

  • And the essential thing is deadlines. The project managers and their teams must meet the work and timelines, so the new version has automatically schedule feature to start and end dates based on dependencies.

  • The new version of Microsoft Project 2021 can visually represent complex schedules with multiple built-in timelines. 

Let’s see some more features regarding the new project management software.

Resource management:

This feature will boost you to start your project with excellent management and end it properly with impressive work. The project manager will be competent in managing project resources by soliciting tasks or assigning tasks to team members individually. 

Project roadmap: This feature allows you to track or update your project portfolio. With these tools, the project manager will always be able to determine if the task and objective are going smoothly or not. 

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