A review of the Blackstone Labs Chosen 1

Posted by BrianMiller on June 25th, 2016

If losing weight and building muscles is extremely important to you, get yourself the Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 or Synedrex for sale.  The Chosen 1 is not a steroid; it is a 1-DHEA product. Additionally, Chosen 1 is a precursor to the 1-testosterone derivative. 1-testosterone is much like the kind of testosterone produced by the body.

Both of these hormones have just a slight difference in that 1-testosterone is more powerful than the real testosterone. Compared to similar supplements in the market, the Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 is absolutely effective. It works better than same items that have been promoted for several years. Blackstone Labs uses the well-known liposomal delivery system to deliver 1-DHEA to the body.

Consumed during a two-step conversion process, the 1-DHEA turns from androstenediol to androstenedione to 1-testosterone.  As a hydrophobic molecule, or a fat soluble molecule, the 1-DHEA was not that easy to add to the blood system that is water soluble.  Then the liposomal delivery system was discovered, a technology that has made delivery of 1-DHEA so easy.  

Used as a carrier of drugs for many years now, the liposomal technology has not been in use in the nutrition and supplement industry for too long. Liposome technology is instrumental in the production of the Blackstone Labs Chosen 1.  Since liposomes are hydrophobic, meaning that they have a hydrophobic shell that protects the molecule from damage by gastric elements, it ensures that 1-DHEA accesses your bloodstream where it gets transformed.

This is what puts Blackstone Lab’s product in front of everybody.  Since the company has fixed some esters to the Chosen 1, a situation where 1-DHEA is released throughout is created. However, caprylate and undecanoate esters make sure that the hormone is released in a controlled manner. This ensures that you take your dosage only when necessary.

Your levels will stay elevated for many hours without having to take new doses. This will put you in a good position to exercise for as long as you wish. The product, just like Synendrex for sale,  does not require overdosing. In fact, the only two times you have to take your doses are morning and afternoon. After this you have enough testosterone to assist you workout as hard as you wish.  Being a DHT derivative, the Chosen 1 cannot convert into estrogen.

This guarantees high levels of testosterone and absolutely no water retention or gynecomastia. As you might know, most steroidal products affect the liver. This is not the case with the Chosen I, a product that is not menthylated.  Even if the liver has enzymes to change 1-DHEA to 1-testosterone, it does not get affected in a negative way.  Being totally lawful, you do not have to worry about the Chosen 1 using 1-DHEA.

The 1-DHEA has not been banned in America yet, like many similar anabolics have in the past. Just as you would do when ordering your Synedrex for sale, ensure that you see your doctor before you buy the Chosen 1 if you have a certain health condition. This is simply to keep yourself safe from possible side effects or drug interactions.

When it comes to how you can increase your testosterone in a natural manner, Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 leads. If you want it, as well as if you want Synedrex for sale, get in touch with us now.

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