Expert Advice to Keep RO System Healthy

Posted by Vijay Gehlot on June 26th, 2016

Purifying water is quite necessary these days. To do this task, there are many RO machines in commercial and residential range available. This article is helpful to make you understand what to do and what not to do to keep your RO system water purifier perfectly working.


• Never remove unused parts of the RO machines without asking authorized RO maintenance and installation services.
• No direct sunshine to the water purifier.
• Careful redirection of the RO machine to keep it working without any disturbance. 
• Proper cleaning of the machine with use of soft cloth.
• If the rated voltage does not meet to the RO machine’s voltage then do not run it at that temperature.

Add the RO System With Cold Water Only!

• There may be quality issue with water filtration if hot water tab will be getting connected.
• The tap water pressure should be within 5psi to 120 psi.
• The proportion of filtered and unwanted water should be 1:3.
• There should be 10 m distance of tap from water filter machine.
• The presence of rain water or other water should be avoided at the place of water purifier.

How To Keep RO Water Purifier Maintained?

• Avoid physical damage of purifier to keep heavy object away from the machine.
• Regular change of water filter to keep the machine working without any hassle.
• Never remove water dispensing level with extreme force.

There are many RO machine suppliers in India. Getting the services and purchase of filter from most suited firm is matter of intelligence. Before getting decision of RO machine purchase, one should check various online stores to decide from where best suited deal can be availed. A little research can assist you to find more and more worthy options to avail most suited RO system. Aquafresh RO can be the right place to avail purchase of RO systems. As well as company offers installation of RO purifier along with required maintenance services. However, the company has a team of experts to help you for better decision of RO system purchase.

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