Aluminum Louvers in the Application of Building Exterior Sunscreen

Posted by hygrating on June 27th, 2016

Effect of external sunscreen for life

External sunscreen can not only effectively block solar radiation heat, achieve the aim of energy-saving insulation, can also improve the softness of the light to avoid glare, but also in the protection of tenants ' privacy and security play an active role. External sunscreens have become an indispensable part of the building, and spindle-shaped louvers as essential for building outside shading of sun products, extensive application of it will exert profound influence on building outside shading. Lack of external sunscreen, it is not a complete building.

Sunscreen panels and louvers are able to stop the summer solar radiation, without compromising the sunshine into the room, nor does it affect the normal ventilation and lighting.

 exterior sunscreen

Sunscreen panels influence on the building exterior shading

1. Install external sunscreen panels for shading architecture, after the sun system closed, it can be completely closed with heat insulation, noise reduction, anti-theft, plies, completely replace the traditional shutters, roof, windows (especially fire Windows) and outdoor shade effect is a better.

2. External sunscreen panels have outstanding energy-saving environmental protection: summer shade and insulation, reduce indoor temperatures, air conditioners, refrigerators consume reduced 30%; winter insulation and windproof, significantly reduce the loss of indoor temperature, high efficiency reduces power consumption of the heater.

3. Remote Control: diversified system control method by 220V infrared and wireless control system, and connected with the outdoor scenery of the rain sensor to realize automatic control.

4. External sunscreen louver system for building overall impact: making the building look more beautiful, truly realizing building technology, energy-saving technology!

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