Custom Bobble Heads - A Fundraising and Promotional Tool in One

Posted by kibego5164 on January 8th, 2023

The creation of custom bobble heads in the likeness of yourself or somebody else is just a pretty simple process. If you follow the below steps, you'll not only will you be pleased with the result, you may also have nice looking custom bobble heads!
First, and this really is the most crucial, gather as many pictures of yourself as possible. The sculptors will create a far more accurate representation of the subject if they've many pictures to go off of. The best pictures to use are those of varying head profiles. Remember, finished that will make the custom bobble heads identical is the actual head carving. All the body sculptures of the custom bobble heads are generic (suit, dress, etc) which means this should be the least of your worries at the start of the project. Be sure that the pinnacle looks right and the rest will belong to place. If you'd like it to be as accurate as you possibly can, send as numerous head shot pictures that you can. This can ensure that your personalized bobble heads can look great!
Second, be as exact as you possibly can on the overall design. This includes exact color choices, custom bobbleheads (watch, hat, purse, etc), shape of the bottom (round or square), and any wording that you would like on the base. Most of these items can simply be placed on your own sculpture if they are conveyed in the beginning of the process. Accessories make your custom bobble heads more unique and could make it to stand out! Visualize in your minds eye every detail from the the top of visit the shoes. Don't leave anything out! You are only limited by your imagination!
Third, make sure that your supplier of preference uses paints that are free from lead and cadmium on the custom bobble heads. We have all heard in the last year that there has been several instances where products produced in China have already been painted with lead and cadmium based paints. These materials are hazardous to your wellbeing and should not be utilized on any painted product. A good supplier will always provide documentation of the paints they use! If you're looking to advertise these for distribution or market them for resale, you is going to be glad that you called for these records up front. The final thing you intend to do is put custom bobble heads available on the market that may make people sick. You will open yourself up for a lawsuit.
Finally, make sure the personalized bobble heads look exactly the way that you would like before it goes to the painting step. You will undoubtedly be surprised how many individuals wish to have changes made following the painting process starts. It's not impossible to make changes, but yet another (and costly) setup fee will soon be charged if the project has to begin over..

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