4 Benefits of Kansas Pole Barns

Posted by Gale Freeman on January 8th, 2023

In 1930s America, farmers faced a depressed economy and high demand for agricultural products. They needed a way to build large, cheap agricultural buildings and began using utility poles to construct barns. The construction method resulted in spacious, durable structures that could be made quickly. Although the materials have changed, the building style, also known as post-frame construction, is still popular. Kansas pole barns are in demand because they offer several valuable benefits.

1. Barns Adapt to Various Environments

Kansas Building Contractors can construct post-frame barns in areas where stick-frame construction wouldn't work. Site conditions can vary widely from one location to another, but pole barns adapt to lateral pressure that would collapse walls in stick-frame buildings.

Pole barns have a multi-column design that lets lateral force spread evenly across the building. As a result, barns can resist ground shifting.

2. Projects Are Budget Friendly

Because columns support post-frame buildings, foundation costs are far less than stick-frame construction. Kansas custom buildings constructed using the post-frame method do not need traditional foundations, which reduces construction costs.

Professionals can also build pole barns more quickly than stick-frame structures, which saves money. Since workers spend fewer hours on projects, builders' charges are lower.

3. Post-Frame Structures Are Sturdy

Custom Pole Buildings in Kansas are often sturdier than their stick-frame counterparts. The thick columns builders use create a tough foundation that resists snow, hail, and storms, Posts also help transfer mass and weight efficiently.

Post-frame buildings are highly wind-resistant and have sturdy hinge joints. That makes them ideal agricultural buildings that can shelter animals or store feed. Pole barns are also suitable for protecting vehicles, produce, and harvested crops.

4. Buildings Are Easily Customized

Pole barn buildings have no interior walls when they are complete, so interiors are spacious. Owners can add walls to divide spaces into areas for various uses. It's simple to create a custom interior during the original build and to build additions later.

Clients can also choose from dozens of design options and exterior styles. Siding choices include steel, vinyl, and engineered wood, all available in various colors. Owners have multiple roofing options and can add features, such as extra-large windows and door openings. Contractors can also include screens that allow for air movement and create better ventilation.

Pole barns have been around since the 1930s and are still in demand today. They are sturdy, adapt to various terrains, and can be built faster than stick-frame structures. Builders offer a range of interior and exterior design options, and it is simple for owners to customize the open, spacious interiors.

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