Why Mobile App Builder is an Ideal Choice for Small Businesses

Posted by Maulik Shah on January 9th, 2023


Small businesses are in a constant struggle to improve their sales with innovative ideas to find more visibility in this extremely competitive market.

Nowadays, websites are not enough. Your business needs a mobile app to improve its online presence. 

But developing a mobile app for both Android and iOS users is expensive. Be it native development or cross-platform development, both these development methods are costly.

But we have an affordable solution for you using which you can develop both Android and iOS applications on a budget.

It is Mobile App Builder.

Mobile app builders are low-code development platforms where most of the features are ready to use. 

Let us learn more about the app builder:

How do Mobile App Builders work?

As discussed above, Mobile app builders are a low-code development platform, which means it does not require much development. Most of the features in this framework are already developed. 

The app builder gives you two builds, one for the Android app and the other one for iOS. So, you get apps for both platforms. 

Any user who is not familiar with coding can also use it. Users just have to drag and drop the features to the position they want in the app. The framework follows the “what you see is what you get” format, meaning your app will look exactly like what you see on the screen. If you don’t like its position on the app, you can drag it somewhere else on the screen.

Most of the features are already developed. But there will be features that you have to develop as per your business requirement—for example, a payment gateway. You would want to integrate the payment systems that are more popular in your state or country.

Companies providing mobile app builders also provide customization services. So, they will customize your requirements within a few days.

If you have your requirements clear, you can have your mobile apps ready within a month.

Why choose Mobile App Builder over other development methods?

There are many reasons for choosing a mobile app builder for mobile app development over other methods like native app development and cross-platform development.

  • The fastest way to have a mobile app: Native development or cross-platform development, both processes are time-consuming. You might hire freelance developers to make it happen. Any changes in the app in the future can be tough to execute as you might not have contact with the freelance developer you hired earlier.
  • Updating the app is easy: If you have developed apps on native platforms, you will have to make changes in both codes during updates. You will need Android and iOS developers to make changes to your app. But with mobile app builders, you only have to update one code. One change in the code will show its effect on both apps.
  • Pocket friendly: Mobile app builders cost way less than native app development. You will get mobile apps for both platforms at very affordable rates. Additionally, you start getting a return on your investment quickly as you can launch the apps within a month with an app builder.


The above discussion makes it very clear that mobile app builders are the simplest and most affordable. Low code development platforms are going to trend in 2023 because of the convenience it provides. There are a lot of app builders in the market for you to explore. The app builders are made keeping in mind specific industries. So, look out for what best fits your requirements. For ecommerce businesses, mobile app builders are the best as they have a defined flow. If you are looking for a good mobile app builder, Magento 2 mobile app builder can be an ideal choice for you. You will be able to increase your online presence and grow your business in a short period of time. 

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