Pride of Thoothukudi

Posted by hitnat12345 on June 27th, 2016

It's a “season” of cookies and doughnuts but how many people have heard or tasted macaroons? One of the legendary snacks, which have appeared in recipe, books at least early years in 1725 (Robert Smith's Court Cookery, or the Complete English Cook), and Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management isone of the best healthy savories carried over from ages.

Once Macaroons are tasted for sure this might even put the cookie/doughnut lovers confused. Macaroons are out in Regional varieties from France, India, Ireland Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States... Each country brings out distant flavors.

Typical Macaroon is cooked out from ground almonds, which is the main ingredient, coconut, nuts or even potato, with sugar, egg white, and sometimes the flavorings. it all goes with the variety of macaroon cakes planned to be prepaid. E.G. (honey, vanilla, spices), food coloring, glace cherries, jam also chocolate coating.  Some recipes call for sweetened condensed milk. Coconut macaroon made from desiccated coconut instead of almond are most commonly found in the United Kingdom. Macaroons are often baked on edible rice paper placed on a baking tray and Thoothukudi macaroon is truly incomparable.

Dhanalakshmi Bakery in this district is one of the stores one should try savoring while you're in and around Thoothukudi. It is one of the oldest around town, which has developed, much before Independence, the nuttiest of macaroonswith the base choc-a-bloc of cashew granules is still the masterpiece, it specializes solely in creating authentic.

Ganesh Bakery is also the most widespread in the city "the all day crowd proves" and believes that macaroons must have been around in Thoothukudi much earlier but the popularity gained when the Dutch and Portuguese occupied Thoothukudi before the British and the craziness for pastries over Indian snacks is seen here even now. It is when the ships that anchored off the shores of Thoothukudi required local labour. These men improvised on the flat almond macaroons and Ganesh Bakery is handed out macaroons in a gift-wrapping paper is also one of the attractions.

Around half a dozen men stand over a table squeezing the cones as little peaks materialized on greased trays. The trays are assembled on a rack and wheeled into the massive get inside a stone oven. The delicate crumbly texture might lose its essence when shipped, thus industrialist is determined to make the cities aspire pastry available to pastry admirers in other cities too. Macaroon production manufacture miniature versions packed in aluminum packs and Halal certified, Abi Macaroons guarantees a shelf life over two months.  The macaroonsmaybe a treat for children with its new improvised version but miss out on the fulsome delight of crunching cashew Macaroon into a conventionally packed version.

As the stores come up as ecommerce business,shopping are just a figure touch away these days, all kinda macaroons are available online which would reach in a week time with its authentic taste then why would you miss this snack of a pride brought from generations?

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