Informational Guide From KuCoin About Blockchain Technology And Play-To-Earn Games

Posted by Anne Tyner on January 10th, 2023


A digital currency intended to function as a means of exchange is cryptocurrency. It utilizes cryptography to get and confirm exchanges and control the formation of new units of a specific computerized cash like shib/usdt or trx usdt. Gaming was just a way to have fun for a long time. With the ascent of blockchain gaming, computer games turned out to be significantly more than that. More specifically, blockchain technology allows players to own in-game content and earn money by playing games. Even though blockchain games are still in their infancy, there are already numerous ways to make money. The best are listed below. Because it basically established itself as a prominent one-stop shop for all crypto operations, KuCoin is a well-known name in the crypto industry. The exchange, which debuted in August 2017, now offers access to more than 400 markets and over 200 cryptocurrencies, making it one of the most vibrant crypto hubs on the internet. So, without any delay-Let’s start our crazy exploration!

Play to earn games with blockchain

There are many play-to-earn games available online, some of which are shown below:

1.      Play Games to Get Rewards

Each blockchain game has its play-to-earn system for determining what players must do and what kind of rewards they will receive. However, in general, they are all based on the same idea: players play the game, interact with the ecosystem, and receive rewards for doing so. That can incorporate combating different players, participating in competitions and occasions, getting done with jobs, etc.

2.      Breed Characters in Blockchain Games

Breeding characters in blockchain games is a common feature. This is yet another way that blockchain games can make money. The process is as follows: Game characters in these kinds of games are NFTs, meaning that there is only one owner for each. Players can mint a new NFT by breeding two game characters to create a new and distinct character. This NFT brand can be purchased. Players may profit, depending on the rarity level and market conditions.

3.      Buy Metaverse Land

The market for virtual real estate has experienced a boom in recent years. Metaverse land has become a hot product - everyone needs a piece of it. There is a valid explanation for it. It can be very lucrative to own land in the metaverse.

4.      Trade Nft

In 2021, everyone was obsessed with the metaverse, and many celebrities and brands bought digital land for astronomical prices. Prices increased due to the high demand and the typically limited supply of land parcels in these games. As is frequently the case with real-world real estate, owning land resulted in significant financial gain.

5.      Owning Land in the Decentraland Marketplace

One of the most well-liked metaverse games is Decentraland. The possibility of owning land in this virtual world is one of its main draws. On the official marketplace for the game or secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, you can purchase Decentraland land. MANA, the game's native token, is used to make all purchases in Decentraland. There are a few regions in Decentraland, and the land cost relies upon which locale it's situated in.

6.      Bitcoin Invest in Blockchain Games

Investing in blockchain games is another way to make money. You can put your money into a game that is still in development or into games you like that are already out there. Purchasing the game's token is the simplest method.

7.      Stake Tokens

Marking tokens in a blockchain game means you briefly "lock" a portion of your tokens and commit to the blockchain network. Put it another way, and you agree not to take your tokens out for a certain time.

8.      Make Mini-Games in the Metaverse

A lot of metaverses let players make mini-games within the game. This enriches the metaverse experience as a whole. However, it may also present an opportunity to earn money. In the metaverse, you can charge people to play a mini-game on your land.


If you want to earn more money than you can from existing blockchain games, why not create your own? It's easier said than done. However, why not give it a shot if you've worked in game development before and can put together a strong team? In contrast to the mobile gaming market, which is well-known for oversaturated, the blockchain gaming market is still young and ripe with opportunity.

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