Understanding the top benefits of waterproofing your basement

Posted by Dardy Lacy on January 11th, 2023

Most people are afraid of dealing with water damages and that is why they resort to basement waterproofing Summit to solve the problem. Water finds its way to basements through leaky windows, broken plumbing systems, poor outside drainage, walls, sewer backup and rising groundwater. Fortunately, you can easily protect your basement by working with professionals to waterproof it. Read on to learn some top benefits of waterproofing your basement. 

Expand your house

You cannot use a moisture-filled or wet basement as your living space. However, waterproofing your basement, you will make it a dry and safe environment and can turn your basement into an extra bedroom, store, gym or office. Do not let water damage your basement and restrict you from getting the most out of it. 

Prevent structural damage

Leaky basement windows and broken plumbing systems may seem to be small problems at the moment but they will cause serious problems later on. They can cause structural damage such as dangerous cracks in the walls or foundation. These issues can be very difficult to notice at their initial stages but you may discover them after they have caused expensive damages to your home. Fortunately, if your basement is professionally waterproofed, you will have peace of mind because your structure will be protected.

Prevention of basement flooding

Very few things are stressful for homeowners as flooding in the basement. This problem can happen because of sewer backups, seepage of groundwater through cracks in the floor and storms. It could be severe and cause water to flood in your basement and this could destroy your items. It could even cause electrocution.

Basement waterproofing can ensure no cracks in your foundation that to allow seepage. Professionals will install quality and reliable drainage systems and effective sump pumps to ensure that water moves through the right channels and that water does not find a way to the basement of your property. You will be assured that your family furniture, pictures, clothes or carpet in the basement is well-protected. 

Reduction of energy bills

Various reasons can cause an upsurge in energy bills and one of them is a wet basement. If the air in your basement has a lot of humidity, it can easily transfer to other rooms in the house. Your HVAC system will not work harder to remove the humidity and keep your home warm. This will result in lower energy bills. 

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy

Water in your basement will provide a thriving environment for fungi and mold. Spores can cause respiratory infections or itchy skin and eyes. This issue becomes worse for people with respiratory allergies or asthma. Fortunately, waterproofing your basement reduces the chances of this problem and keeps your family healthy.

Get rid of strange smells

Basement waterproofing summit will get rid of strange smells. Mold spores have a strong bad smell that can make you uncomfortable. Damp air in your basement will cause strange smells. When you get rid of dam air and mold using waterproofing, you will have a fresh and clean basement.

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