Is that kind of model of creation sustainable and feasible as a business model?

Posted by wang on January 12th, 2023

If you're a primary PC player it is not many mobile games that do WOW WOTLK Classic Gold not have a good name. We've seen these games and we've played them. We've played some games that we consider insecure when it comes down to earning money, but that aren't the most enjoyable experience we could imagine, and is there anything wrong with the fact that they're difficult [for people] to see why Blizzard remains Blizzard on that platform.

But, if we didn't think we could create great games on a mobile platform, then we wouldn't consider it. Mobile games have been available for a long time and World of Warcraft is the only one we've completed to date. The thing that has taken this long is trying to figure out how we were going to come up with the Blizzard method of creating an amazing mobile game.

Are there ever discussions that go something like"let's try mobile, but let's come up using a method that doesn't bear all the baggage that comes with an existing IP, and all these people who already invested in it.Yes, we've spoken about that. We've spoken about, "How do we think about new IP on new platforms?"One of the points we articulate with all of our IP is that each one of them is built and has been constructed to really support a lot more, not only different platforms, but also various kinds of games, as well as different types of games.

Let me give you an example of that. If you think about World of Warcraft , which is our most popular IP that has been around for a long time, it has played huge, massive MMO, it has supported real-time strategy games, and also included a collectible game. They are two very different types of games that been developed from the same IP, and we think there's a lot of opportunity for creating games, various types of games, within our current IP. But, I think that you're taking on a piece of player perception, of player expectations whenever you're discussing the possibility of making a game that is new on an entirely new platform, for sure.

Is that kind of model of creation sustainable and feasible as a business model? It's possible that something like World of Warcraft exists now due to the long-running phase of having Titan, reworking it, and experiencing the ups and declines associated with developing. The end result, some time after, is a product that is a game with a vast and impressive presence. But is it realistic to have that same cycle for every project?

I'm not certain that Blizzard has any other choice. Blizzard have a choice but to go this way. I'm not certain if there's another choice for Blizzard. We believe that the team leadership has to cheap WOTLK Gold believe and have an idea for an idea that they believe is a great idea. It's a bottom-up method of working.

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