How to Stop a Running Toilet From Draining Your Bank Account

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There are two main reasons why one of these valve may cause the Toilet Repair Massapequa NY. We will discuss the flapper valve first.

A Running Toilet: Toilet Tank Flapper Valve

When a toilet is flushed there will be a valve called a flapper that opens up to let fresh water into the toilet bowl. At the same time the fresh water pushes out the waste water down the toilet drain. You will recognize this flapper by looking on the bottom of the toilet tank where there is a hole covered by a basic rubber flap.

This flap will be attached to either a chain or a rod of some sort. Over time these flappers can break down and lose a good seal between the toilet tank and bowl. Water will leak into the bowl and the toilet will need to constantly run to refill the water loss in the tank.

To find out if this is the case, simply press down on the flapper to see if the toilet stops running. If it does stop running all you need to do is replace the flapper. Flappers will range in many different types so take off the old one and bring it with you to the store. There should be universal flappers that will fit most toilets if you cannot find an exact match.

Running Toilet: Toilet Fill Valve

The fresh water is stored in the toilet tank and when you pull the flush handle you are opening the valve that lets the fresh water into the bowl. When fresh water leaves the toilet tank it must be replaced. Inside the toilet tank will be a fill valve that has a float attached to it. This float is designed to shut the fill valve at a designated point when the toilet tank is full.

The float may be a large plastic ball or a small cylinder shaped plastic ball that rides up and down a plastic tube. Under normal operating conditions a float will ride on the surface of the water and when the water level reaches the ideal height in the tank the float which is attached to the fill valve will shut the water off. If the float is stuck and not floating freely on the water than it cannot shut the fill valve and the toilet will continue to run. Another problem with the float may be if it is out of adjustment. On a ball float you will see it is attached to the fill valve via a metal rod or adjustable plastic rod. You can try to adjust this rod so that the float will fully close the fill valve when it reaches the top of the toilet tank.

If you have a metal rod on the float you can simply bend the rod down causing the float to put more pressure on the fill valve as it rises upward. If the float is free and the toilet is still running then you may have a faulty fill valve. The easiest way to repair a fill valve is total replacement.

This does not sound as hard as it really is. If you have the right tools and follow the instructions on the new fill valve, it should only take about 30 minutes to replace. You can purchase a new float valve kit at most hardware stores for under

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