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Posted by BrianMiller on June 27th, 2016

As women love incorporating fashion in everything, including during workouts, there are some clothes that are not fit for workouts. The best way to stay in fashion while performing workouts at the gym is by choosing fitness apparels from the collection of workout suits offered by different prominent brands, such as Equilibrium Activewear and Protokolo.

Wearing wrong clothes at the gym can really sabotage a workout session. When the clothes meant for workouts are used, the entire session can never go wrong. However, when putting on clothes that are not designed for workouts, the session can turn out to be so much uncomfortable and thus it can be really difficult to recover from a strenuous workout performance. Here are some types of clothes to never wear while heading for a workout session.

All cotton T-shirts are not a good option when considering a nice top for workout. This is because, apart from creating a weird fashion statement, they also absorb sweat and do not release it quickly through evaporation. As a result, chills and irritations arise and the entire workout session becomes fruitless. When discomfort arises, no one can focus on the workout and hence no benefits can be gained from it. Instead, why not considering tops made purposely for workouts, such as Equilibrium Activewear tank tops. These types of clothing are technologically advanced and made of fabrics that put sweat out from the body, hence reducing irritation and chills.

Next come the unrested tanks. These tanks look modest when someone is standing, but the moment they bend over to perform some push-ups, they become X-rated. Before leaving the house for the gym, one needs to check their top view from different angles so as to prevent flushing everything while at the gym. If the tops aren’t that good then considering cleavage-proof tops with a higher neckline is a better option. The high neckline of these clothing will stylishly prevent indecent exposures. Famous brands, such as Protokolo, have nice and decent tank tops with high necklines that suit busty women.

Tops sewed with silver threads are also not good. Nanosilver fights molds, fungi and bacteria and thus some companies started including Nanosilver particles in fitness clothing few years back. This was a flashy way of keeping sweaty fitness apparel from developing stale smells. However, antimicrobial effects of Nanosilver do not last long and the effects of long-lasting ingesting of these particles are still a mystery. As a result, it would be better to invest in clothing that can be kept odorless through laundering.

Another type of clothing to avoid is the long and baggy or over-sized pants. This type of pants can get stuck with the moving parts of the exercise machines. This can probably result in serious injuries that can get someone out of the gym for several weeks. The best pants to go for are slim and fitting pants, capris or shorts. If looking for some of the best brands to consider, Protokolo has plenty of slim fitting pants and jumpsuits for workouts, such as Protokolo leggings and capris.

It is possible to incorporate fashion in the gym by putting on fitness apparels that not only look colorfully attractive, but also presentably decent. There are plenty of brands to look for, including  Protokolo  and Equilibrium Activewear.

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