Do You Need Money to Make More Money and Get Rich?

Posted by kibego5164 on January 16th, 2023

The most common misconception that a lot of individuals have about money is they need money to create more money. That is why many people think they can't get rich and then envy those people who have gotten rich, famous and successful. They tend to consider rich people and wish they may be like them but think that because they have no money, they can not become rich. That is how many people limit their own ability to get rich.
The simple truth is that having some cash can occasionally be considered a stumbling block to making more money. That is probably the key reason why many people remain poor or average all their lives. You see, when you have some cash, you're often afraid to take risks as you often fear losing what you biteonme. One the other hand, when you have no money, you've no fear of losing as you've nothing to lose.
I have read countless stories of successful and rich people whose lives change when they are dead broke and have absolutely nothing (in fact, they're often in debt). Anthony Robbins is just a classic example. At one stage, he was so broke he had to sleep in a car. Now, he's increased to the heights of great success.
Another example is the Australian self-made property millionaire, Carly Crutchfield. She was about 22 years old when she first became a millionaire. She then decided to give away everything as she did not desire to be attached with her money. She traveled overseas helping poor people and helpless, doing charitable works. When she returned to Australia, she had no money. But within 1 year, she made her first million again and is currently a multi-millionaire.

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