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Posted by Rojain on January 16th, 2023

Saving your money from ads is like stopping a watch from saving time. Hi there, welcome to the Fraud Blocker review.

Do you think it's hard and expensive to protect your ad from fraud clicks and reach people who are likely to buy? Are you having trouble keeping your ad campaign alive because of click fraud, bots, click farms, and fake traffic?

A few months ago, one of my ads got 2,000 visitors in less than 5 hours, using up all my budget. I didn't know what the real reason was at that time. I lost money on my campaign. And I badly failed.

Most businesses don't do well with ads because they don't know what ad fraud is. How could it be if software helps you protect your ad from click fraud, click bots, bot traffic, click farm, ad stacking, accidental clicks, invalid traffic, and more? So, you can save money and get a better return on your investment.

Imagine all your ads reach real customers and people who are likely to become customers and that all of your ads make money. You just have to copy and paste a code onto your website.

Once, a friend of mine was upset because his advertising campaign was not going well. Every month, he lost money on his ads because bots were clicking on all of them. He spent a lot of money on different ways and programs that didn't work.

He finally gave up and thought about being quiet. Now, though, he is a successful marketer who makes millions of dollars. All that he had done with Fraud Blocker

A powerful software that keeps your Google Ads safe from bots, accidental clicks, and other types of fraud. This Fraud Blocker review tells you more so you can get a better return on investment (ROI) from your advertising campaigns.

What Is a Fraud Blocker? And How Does It Work?  

Fraud Blocker is the best software for marketers to protect them from click fraud. It uses advanced, secret algorithms to find bad behavior by publishers and automatically block traffic from bad sources. This helps reach customers who are likely to buy and saves money.

The software has features like a fraud scoring system that is unique to it, automatic IP blocking, customizable detection rules, subscription management with one click, easy team management, and many more.

Unfortunately, these fake clicks are making your ads less effective and wasting your entire marketing budget. You need a robust fraud protection system to keep bots and dishonest players from seeing your ads.

Fraud Blocker Review Pros And Cons  

In this part of the Fraud Blocker Review, I share the Pros and cons of this software. That will help you to get more information about this software. And you can make a better decision for your business. 


  • It provides a very user-friendly dashboard with beautiful UIUX.

  • You get email support.

  • Provide unlimited training or tutorial videos

  • This tool gives you multiple language and payment options. 

  • Network-level blocking

  • Automated Google Ads blocking

  • VPN and proxy blocking

  • Optimize ad spending across campaigns

  • Identify which users accidentally click on your ad

  • Automatically blocks IP addresses that score poorly


  • No live chat support is available.

  • It is only available for google ads

  • unable to see the amount of fraud that was being blocked at the campaign level

  • The monthly pricing is not value for money, I guess. For just 39$, you can buy a lifetime deal.  

  • No more bad things I found. But you could CLICK HERE to know more.

How Does Fraud Blocker Help You To Grow Your Business?

People often use "bot traffic" to describe visits to websites and mobile apps that real people do not make. Some bots are built to do good things, while others are built to do bad things.

Some bots gather information for search engines, which is good for you. Other bots can hurt your metrics. Find out which bots are dangerous before you block them. It's hard to find them. On the other hand, Fraud Blocker finds and stops bad bots so you can grow your website.

Putting ads on top of each other so that only the top one can be seen is called "ad stacking." All the ads are paid for based on how many people see or click on them.

Fraudsters put multiple ads into programmatic advertising campaigns and make money from the ones that aren't seen. With Fraud Blockers, the ads won't keep piling up.

Fraud Blocker looks at the people who visit your website and uses a unique scoring system to determine your real-time fraud score.

Based on their IP addresses and device fingerprints, you can see how likely each site visitor is to be a fraud. This helps you grow your business by making your ads better.

How Do You Become Benefited Using Fraud Blocker?

Click bots are made to steal clicks. Simple bots go to a page and click the link they're supposed to. These bots are easy to spot because they act differently than real people.

More advanced bots can mimic mouse movements, pauses, and long or random page visits. These bots are harder to spot because they act like people.

Fraud Blockers can easily find click bots and immediately stop them from making your campaign more profitable.

Clicks that were not meant to happen are called "accidental clicks." This includes clicks when a user is scrolling or clicking somewhere else on their device screen but clicks on your ad by accident.

Even though most accidental clicks don't hurt, they can add up fast and waste your advertising budget. Fraud blockers help you avoid clicking on things accidentally, so you don't lose money.

How Can You Double Your Income Using Fraud Blocker?

Click fraud is a bad thing that happens when ads people have never seen or clicked on are used to make money.

There are many different kinds of click fraud. Some are small-scale and use simple methods, while others are large-scale and use very complicated ways.

Fraud Blocker keeps click fraud from hurting your campaign and helps you make more money.

A Juniper Research study said advertising fraud cost advertisers billion in 2019. Also, they found that 25% of all desktop clicks were fake, which shows how big the problem is.

With Fraud Blocker, however, you can quickly solve this problem, do better than your competitors, and make more money.

How Does Fraud Blocker Differ From Alternative Tools?

Click the fraudster uses farms, click farmer or click farm master to click on paid display ads. Clicks that aren't hurt PPC advertisers who pay per click.

Advertisers sign pay-per-click (PPC) contracts to get a good return on their ad spending and a reasonable conversion rate (ROAS). Farms in China and India pay low wages.

You need to find out how much money you lose when you click on ads for click farms. But if you use Fraud Blocker, a click farm will never click on one of your ads again.

Methbot was one of these bots. It ran from 2015 to 2017 and, at its peak, made million per day. It worked with the help of 1,900 dedicated servers and 852 000 fake IP addresses.

Entrepreneur dot com says bot traffic could waste up to 70% of your marketing budget. But you can stand out from other people and save money with the help of a Fraud Blocker.

Fraud Blocker Review Unique And Useful Features

In this Fraud Blocker Review, I discuss high-ticket features that help you know the critical component of the idle ADS management platform.

  • Click Bots

  • Click farm

  • Competitors

  • Malicious publishers

  • Accidental clicks

  • Vengeful customers

  • VPN and proxy blocking

  • Device detection

  • Network-level blocking

  • Click analysis and scoring

  • Automated reporting

Fraud Blocker Review APPSumo Deal Feature

In this Fraud Blocker Review, I share some crucial Fraud Blocker APPSumo deal features that help you know what the APPSumo marketplace offers. 

  • Lifetime access to Fraud Blocker

  • All future Pro Plan updates

  • No codes, no stacking — choose the plan that's right for you

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers

  • GDPR compliant

  • Only for new Fraud Blocker users who do not have existing accounts

  • Sixty days money-back guarantee for any reason.

What Are The Actual Reasons For Using Fraud Blockers?

You can also see your average Fraud Scores, IP addresses that have been blocked, and information about your visitors, such as their location, device, or most recent clicks.

You can also optimize how much you spend on ads across campaigns and do better than even your most formidable competitors.

With Fraud Blocker, you can see how much money you've saved because your Google Ads aren't getting clicked on by fake users.

This tool automatically blocks IP addresses that score low, so you can always stop a good apple from getting through.

Connecting your Google Ads account will send those bad IPs straight to the exclusion lists of each of your campaigns in real-time.

Both tools know exactly what to do to ensure that your ads don't appear near bots or scammers.

Why Do I Recommend You To Use It?

Fraud Blocker is easy to use, which is the first reason. Even if you don't know much about technology, you'll have no trouble using it. The second reason is that it costs little.

To use this software, you won't have to pay every month. Lastly, it works well and is helpful for people who are just starting and want to get going. If you use it the right way, it will give you a lot of benefits.

Fraud Blocker gives you email support that works well. If you have trouble, you can send them an email. I got an answer to my email in just a few minutes. This tool also gives you updates regularly.

The plan for this platform looks perfect, and the Fraud Blocker developers will give you a quick update. This safe and secure tool is why so many people use it.

Fraud Blocker is available in more than one language. So, you can use this app in the language of your choice. You can add more than one person to take care of your account.

Why Must You Need To Purchase Fraud Blocker Now? 

Using the Fraud Blocker, you can stop bots, accidental clicks, and other types of fraud from destroying your Google Ads!

Fraud Blocker uses a custom scoring algorithm to measure website traffic to determine your real-time fraud score.

This grade helps find the wrong or fake ad traffic sources, like malicious bots or click farms.

You can keep an eye on things like too many clicks, incorrect referral data, high IP address-to-device ID ratios, and many other data points.

You can also use IP addresses and device fingerprints to check the fraud scores of certain site visitors.

What would you rather pay once or every month? Pay all at once instead of every month. If you want to get the monthly Fraud Blocker package, you have to pay $$$ per year and $$ per month.

It seems expensive, but if you buy the Fraud Blocker APPSumo lifetime deal now, you only have to pay once and can use Fraud Blocker for the rest of your life.

This fantastic deal could be a great chance to buy something. You have to pay 6 to finish this deal. But APPSumo gives you 60 days to get your money back, no matter what.

Also, every Fraud Blocker APPSumo plan comes with updates for life and more, which is excellent. So, hurry up and get the deal done before it ends. So buy Fraud Blocker right now, and you will never forget I gave you this great deal.

Get Your Discount With Fraud Blocker APPSumo Deal.

  • Visit the Fraud Blocker Review Lifetime Deal page.

  • After redirecting the page, wait for some seconds, and you can see a discount popup will appear.

  • Enter a new or unique email address to receive this exclusive offer.

  • Continue with the same email id.

  • You get at the end.

  • This offer will be valid for new users only.

Fraud Blocker APPSumo Deal Pricing

All features above included

4,000 total ad clicks per month (across all domains)

One domain

Price starts at


After using this tool for a long time, my experience was great. Fraud Checker could be the best choice if you want software that helps you save money on your advertising budget and make your advertising campaign more profitable by preventing fraudulent clicks. Because this tool lets you use advanced, custom algorithms to find bad behavior by publishers and automatically block traffic from the wrong sources.

Join us if you find this "Fraud Blocker Review" helpful. Here you get regular updates on digital products. If you have a problem or need help, you can contact me. I'm always here to help you with whatever you need. My friend, I always hope the best for you. But I hope you will be more successful very soon.


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