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Posted by Savage New Canaan on January 17th, 2023

The yearly SEMA Program (where SEMA is short for Specialty Devices Market Association) kicks off on Nov 3, 2009 in Las vega. As a lover of muscle cars, this is something that sets a huge tone for your following year. Why? Because although it remains in Las vega, what happens at SEMA doesn't stay at SEMA!


If you've never come across SEMA in the past, do not fret. The Association and their annual program isn't planned for the general auto customer - it's for the automotive market and press. Every year agents from the major car manufacturers and the entire specialty parts and also remediation sector get together, display their brand-new products, and try to one-up each other to get one of the most see possible in doing so. Why does this issue to you? Easy - due to the fact that some of the most innovative as well as neatest parts for your muscular tissue vehicle have actually been premiered by people trying to be the "Coolest and also the Baddest" at the SEMA show! Whether you're constructing a pro-touring car, doing a coucours restoration, or are simply maintaining an attractive classic, SEMA matters to you (you can likewise thank them for maintaining automobiles older than 25 years out of the Cash for Cars fiasco, but that's a story for another day).

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What are some of the trendy points you may locate premiered at the SEMA program? Exactly how about paddle shifters connected to a contemporary automatic transmission ... that screws in to your '71 'Cuda, or a brand-new '67 Mustang ... or '69 Camaro. Screw in modern-day shock absorber. Subframes with arrangements for modern-day engines. Full length flooring frying pans. Recently made parts for Mopars (lastly) - you name it! The program itself has supplied a competition to produce the best items ... as well as we the customer are the champions. We obtain the very best items at the most effective price consequently. (Just compare the convenience of reconstruction and also adjustment we enjoy currently with the ambience one decade earlier!).

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Along with parts, information concerning promising products of passion to muscular tissue vehicle fans is front and also center also (such as what will certainly take place in 2010 for the "Yenko" brand, which is presently had by Classic Industries.) It's likewise a location where pioneers get to display their items ... on the track. This year the 2009 OPTIMA Ultimate Road Cars and truck Invitational will certainly be held right away adhering to SEMA as well as is an invite only event to the very best in the pro-touring market (and also our previous podcast guests Larry Callahan as well as Randy Johnson will certainly be contending)!

Overall, SEMA has a lot to do with the face that there might never be a better time in background to be a muscular tissue automobile fan. We really do have everything at our fingertips to bring back an auto to factory standing or construct an all out racer ... as well as it simply maintains getting better!

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