Enjoyable Dog Obedience Training Techniques in RI - A Must for Every Dog Owner

Posted by Best Buddy Dog Training on June 28th, 2016

One of the biggest misconceptions about dogs with behavioral issues is that it’s all the dog’s fault. What many dog owners don’t realize is that their pets may be behaving badly because of them. It’s hard to hear, but it’s true. Some dog owners tend to treat their pets like babies and, so like kids, their dogs end up acting like brats. Does this sound like your dog? Then it might be time to for you and your pooch to enroll in dog obedience training classes in RI.

Contrary to popular belief, dog obedience training techniques in RI are enjoyable for both the owners and their pets. Some of the issues that may be covered in dog obedience training classes include exiting and entering of vehicles and behavior while walking through hallways and doorways. Traditional courses tend to focus on giving commands to dogs, like heel and sit, but in modern dog obedience training techniques, the focus is on the energy and attitude of the handler or owner as well as the control of proximity and space. Modern dog training techniques teach dogs and their owners to be more communicative and in synch.

Don’t want to join a class? Then a private dog training program might suit you more. One-on-one training sessions can also address specific issues that regular classes do not regularly cover. If your dogs are aggressive towards other pets or visitors, then in-home dog training may also be the better option.

Dogs aren’t the only ones who need training; owners need to be taught how to handle their pets, too. The best dog trainers in Rhode Island won’t just teach you how to give out commands—they can teach you enjoyable dog obedience techniques that focus on building trust and a respectful relationship between you and your dog. When you learn the right dog training techniques in RI, you never again have to resort to yelling or bribing just to get your pet to follow a command.

If you are planning on joining dog obedience training classes, be prepared. Your dog should have his or her own collar, and you must bring a leash. Don’t forget to wear comfortable hiking or walking shoes as your dog isn’t the only one who will be moving around during class—you will, too. Be prepared to participate in physical activities. Depending on the weather, dog obedience training classes may be held outdoors—on paved roads, forests, and trails. This can help dogs in areas such as general social skills and leash reactivity.

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