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Posted by lowes Emily on January 17th, 2023

We examine the data to find out what the most efficient method on average to accomplish D2R Items certain objectives in D2. It is the case that superchests work best, on average. There are some who can complete an enigma with just CS in a couple of hours, but this doesn't mean it's the only way to harvest high-level runes if they are your goals. the person who suggested that shouldn't be a reason to suggest that, if you're planning to create Enigma, you should just cultivate CS and you'll be able to be able to complete an enigma within a short time.

It's not a good suggestion to have people spend more time on LK tiles performing poppable. It's not specific and isn't based on data. If it's the most effective method to obtain high-level runes I'd recommend that however it's not the best option. It could work to your advantage, however in general it will not.

The other thing to think about is: Would you quit farming LK to avoid boredom If you didn't find poppable items and kill certain things? Would you get bored and give up? If so If there's a routine that keeps you going instead of quitting, it is always the most effective since you'd be unable to achieve your objective. Humans aren't machines. I've completed many hundreds of LK runs throughout the years , and sometimes it was nice to be a robot and enjoy some relaxing runs, however it's not suitable for all people.

Re-entry into D2 after a long period I decided to create an MF Barbarian. I've leveled him to an Sing Barb to date and even though Nightmare was easy and I was able to get past Act 1 in Hell was rough. I'm certain that at some point I'll want to Reroll as a Berserker, as that's considered to be the best MF build for a Barbarian But is it more for the end of the game after I've got the best equipment and other?

The main thing I'm trying to figure out is, do I want to cause Hell even more diablo II resurrected items difficult for myself by rolling again? I've already played one respec and would prefer not to waste it in the event that I could. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do?

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