Basic car repairs that you need to know

Posted by Dardy Lacy on January 17th, 2023

If you own a vehicle, you should know when to see a car mechanic Caringbahand when to do repairs yourself. Most people have been driving vehicles since they were teenagers. For many, it is hard to imagine living without a vehicle. In a way, vehicles optimise a part of people’s lives. But just like other things, vehicles can fail us from time to time. Cars can come with frustrations and can break down when you need them the most. However, most car problems have easy fixes that you can do on your own.

Changing oil

You should regularly check your car’s oil and change it when necessary to ensure the smooth running of your car and prolong the lifespan of the engine. Changing the oil of your vehicle is one of the most important DIY skills everyone with a car should learn. It is difficult if the oil drain plug or the oil filter is hard to reach.But the basic steps involve carefully draining the oil by removing the drain plug and then unscrewing the oil filter. Putting the drain plug and filter back, removing the filler whole cap and pouring fresh oil. There are a lot of tutorials online that can help you do this easily.

Changing flat tires

There is a reason wheels are slang for our vehicles. It is because the tires of your car are very important parts of our vehicle. However, no need to take your car to mechanics near me when you have a flat tire. Changing a flat tire should not be a big deal and is an essential skill to learn.

Some of the most important steps for changing a tire include losing the lug nuts, lifting your car off the ground using a jag stand, removing the lug nuts, putting the spare tire on your car, wrenching the lug nuts back on your car, and lowering your car and ensuring the lug nuts are tightly fixed.

Changing spark plugs

Most people know what spark plugs are and what they are capable of doing. They are small devices inside the cylinder that ignite the gasoline by creating sparks. They power your car. However, they wear out about every ten thousand miles. It is simple to fix this issue.

You should start by locating your spark plug and removing the wire. Then remove your faulty spark plug and insert your new spark plug in the right position. Put the wire back and you are done. 

Remove scratches

Scratches can be frustrating. Even the smallest scratches can be seen from a distance and ruin the appearance of your car. Unfortunately, it can cost you a lot of money to remove scratches at a body shop. However, if the scratches are small, you can fix them at home.

Make sure you call a car mechanic Caringbah if you have deep scratches. You can fix small scratches by lightly sanding the scratch and cleaning the area then applying rubbing compound and polishing the area using rubbing compound. Wash the area and wax it to seal the repair.

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