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Obtaining a credible qualification isn’t just something you can easily achieve. In the construction industry, there are several recognitions that enables you to have an established career. For those who have a CITB card, you need to ensure that there are no problems about its validity. With this, you can verify through the CITB card checker. You may not be familiar with this tool so this article will give you an overview about it.

What is a CITB Card Checker?

There are several important factors you need to consider as a card holder. Similar with any identification cards, there are expiration dates, renewal or reissue concerns for a CITB qualification. By using a CITB card checker, you can monitor and check all information regarding your profile. It is a useful and convenient tool since you can access it in their website 24/7. With just a few clicks and required information, relevant results such as your card, further courses or assessments you can take will appear.

What does CITB stand for?

The Construction Industry Training Board or CITB is a well-known organization in the UK. It is focused on promoting Health and Safety Protocols and accrediting courses as well as internships. They represent quality service without jeopardizing safety in the actual workplace. With their courses, learners will be equipped and qualified in the positions they’re aiming for. In addition, accomplishing a training program recognized by CITB enables you to obtain highly recognized qualifications. With the word “qualifications”, this means that there is quite a lot of possible cards a CITB card checker caters. One of this is the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card.

Discovering what is a CSCS card

A qualification that is issued by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. This is an awarding body in the construction industry that recognizes competent and skilled professionals. Having any of the cards ensures your career and provides professional recognition. It also enables you to have an edge and standout from your competitors in the job market. In addition, the cards are categorized with different colors that represents level of competence.

CSCS Black Card

This is designed for managerial roles or positions. It signifies that you are a professional capable of highly responsible job and that you are a competent leader. In order to obtain such qualification, relevant experience and an advanced education is needed.

CSCS White Card

A white card is designed for construction related occupations. Undergoing trainings and reaching the set standards enables you to obtain this qualification.

CSCS Blue Card

The key point for this qualification is “apprenticeship”. You need to have relevant experience as well as a Certificate from City and Guilds of London Institute.

CSCS Gold Card

Similar with a Blue card, a Certificate from City and Guilds of London Institute is your pass for a gold card. It has two categories such as a recognition for a managerial position and another award if you’re a competent craftsman.

CSCS Green Card

This is a card specifically designed for the beginners in the construction industry and also known as the “Labourer Card”. These green cardholders are knowledgeable about the basics of the field and have specialized skills to acquire the card.

CSCS Red Card

Lastly, a red card is a temporary card issued for developing professionals or for a specific project.  You can have the qualification as a trainee, graduate or experienced worker. In here, you are required to pass the CITB Health and Safety training and examination.

Similar with your knowledge and skill, such qualifications need maintenance and update to cope with the evolving market. Using the CITB Card Checker too, you can ensure that everything’s right on track which minimizes complex situations about it.


One of the keys to ensure the success of your career is to obtain solid qualification, skill or academic-based. You don’t have to worry about looking for an effective learning provider who offers CITB courses. There are several institutions like the College of Contract Management who will bring quality service wherever you are. They offer distance learning courses that enables you learners to gain important information without requiring you to go out. CCM’s education system had been effective as it helped many successful professionals in starting or advancing their career. Having a similar goal as CCM, you will be able to ensure growth both on your individual and professional life.

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