10 FIFA 17 Players as GOT Characters

Posted by supodum on June 28th, 2016

I will show you 10 Fut players as GOT characters, do you agree with? Let's take a look at this. By the way, if you want some fut 17 coins, our site will give you the cheapest coins.

Robb Stark : A master passer, reads the game well and has >80% passing and >60% possession most games. However with the way FUT goes, loses in the end after getting countered by sweaty players with Aubameyang and Sturridge

Jon Snow : Not a great passer of the ball, but passionate and fierce in playing the game. Plays an ultra attacking style of football with pacy physical players with absolutely no regards for his defense. Miraculously comes out on top most games.

Joeffrey Baratheon : Easily recognisable with usernames such as "FCuM@DBro" or "xXxPussySlayer420xXx" while rocking an expensive full IF/TOTS team. Terrible at the game and shouts insults over the microphone. Shouts insults and shittalks over the mic despite going 3-0 down.

Arya Stark : The skiller, usually uses fast, agile and nimble players such as Insigne, Neymar or Mertens. Elusive and incredibly hard to tackle while piercing through defences like a needle through cloth. Not to be underestimated despite rocking a midfield of Oscar, Coutinho and Firmino as CMs.

Oberyn Martell : Above average in terms of ability and skill, however tends to be overconfident after going up a goal or two. Does obnoxious celebrations and watches his replays before getting scored on immediately due to arrogance and complacency. Loses the game eventually to the shock of their significant others.

Hodor : An honest, down to earth player. One of the rarer parts of the community, plays a fair game without trying to exploit game mechanics and accepts losses with grace. This player wont hesitate to score and own goal after a ridonkulous goal and will wait for the opponent instead of scoring when afk. A type of player who will hold the door for anyone in real life.

Petyr Baelish : A cold, calculated and all rounded player. This is the type of player not to be trifled with as it is not a matter of whether he will win the game, but how he will win the game. Has exceptional resources and players combined with near unbeatable tactics and playing ability.

Daenerys Targaryen : One of the richer players of the community, rocks a 97 rated full legends/TOTY team as a result of great trading tips and many spent fifa points. Despite having one of the best teams, or possibly the best team in the game, doesn't play much, and spends most of their time trying to trade more coins to upgrade their team. With the game coming to an end hopefully we will see this team being used more often?

Ramsay Bolton : The scum of the FUT community, this person does not play the game to win, he plays the game to torture and torment other players. Playstyle includes extreme high pressure, scoring a goal and shielding/passing the ball around in his own half from as early as 20 minutes. Terrifyingly skilled at winding opponents up by swinging both arms around and doing the muevelo after scoring a goal, whilst watching the full replay along with the full walk back to the half circle. However, defeating this type of opponent brings about the greatest satisfaction possible.
Tommen Baratheon : The rage quitter.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Share in the comments what other characters that relate to FUT players I have missed. Thought that we could use something a little different other than the chem glitch posts we have been seeing the past few days.

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