Why Drivers Should Never Put Off Transmission Repair

Posted by Gale Freeman on January 20th, 2023

Modern cars are complex machines, so there's a lot that can go wrong. While it's more or less fine to put off dealing with cosmetic damage such as minor scratches or fuses that control non-essential systems like radios, some types of repairs can never be put off safely, and transmission problems always fall into that category.

Transmission Repair services can be quite expensive, but there's one important thing for cost-conscious drivers to keep in mind. Ignoring a transmission problem will only make the situation worse over time. Read on to find out why it's always better to deal with it immediately by finding a reputable mechanic and heading in for repairs.

The Problem Won't Fix Itself

There are no transmission problems that will just resolve themselves over time. If there's a minor leak in one of the lines or the car just doesn't seem to be shifting quite right, it's always better to deal with the issue immediately. While no transmission issue will fix itself, there are plenty of problems that can be fixed for just a few hundred dollars if they're caught right away but will swiftly turn into multi-thousand dollar repairs if ignored.

Transmission Damage Can Be Dangerous

Some people feel that it's OK to ignore a slipping transmission until they can afford to have the damage fixed. What they're not considering is the potential for the transmission to slip out of gear at an inopportune time and create the potential for devastating damage. If it shifts into another gear while in traffic, for example, the car could lurch forward and hit another vehicle or, even worse, if drivers are going highway speeds, an unexpected shift while driving could throw them off and cause a high-speed crash.

Damage Tends to Spread

What starts as a grinding in the transmission caused by something simple like low fluid levels can swiftly cause overheating and leave a transmission completely useless. In some cases, the damage can even spread to other parts of the drivetrain. Either way, the cost of repairs will only continue to grow until the vehicle owner heads to a transmission shop.

Don't Drive Dangerous Vehicles

Know it's time to head to the shop for transmission repairs? If there's something seriously wrong, don't drive the car to the mechanic. Instead, call around to find a shop that offers reasonable pricing and has a reputation for performing professional repairs, then have the vehicle towed there to avoid causing any more costly damage.

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