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Posted by Sarah Jones on January 23rd, 2023

If you are a boat owner or someone who loves to know about boats and the equipment used while boating, you are likely familiar with Boat Fenders. If not, then let us be your guide and help you understand their purpose.

Boat or marine fenders are designed and used to impart safety to the vessel and the port against any collision with other boats/vessels.

They act as a cushion against any collision with ships, boats, and any other type of vessel. Another name for them is marine bumpers.

Here is an overview of the functions and workings of boat fenders

They are a type of marine equipment that is used against collision. They are essential marine equipment as they hold power to prevent any damage to the body of the ship or boat. The evolution of boat fenders is such that it has become foolproof and can prevent faultlessly.

In today's times, the marine fenders are placed at the head or the boat's hull to avoid any mishap. Also, they are permanently placed at the docks, piers, wharves, and exit and entry points of the boat.

This placement can help avoid collisions and ensure a smoother ride especially when too many boats are in the dockyard.

You must use it for your and your boat's safety. Even in earlier times, the use of marine fenders was to save the torso of the boat, but with technology, it has developed into this amazing safety equipment.

There are so many types of boat fenders available in the market today. This diversity helps in sufficing every kind of need and want of every boat owner and providing the best safety options to everyone.

When a ship/boat is on its voyage, it must approach the port to load or unload crews or cargo. Also, they have to come to other boats to supply commodities, which means there are higher chances of collision.

Using Boat Fenders can lower your collision rate and help you be safe.

But there are a few points that you have to keep in mind when buying fenders.

Ensure that these fenders are made up of the best quality material and don't require much upkeep or maintenance. The marine fenders should be made to fulfill all their promises, come what may. They are developed and designed to last you for a long time.

What are the various types of Boat Fenders?

When you know the different options available to you, you can choose the one that is right for you and your boat.

Let us explore the different types of Boat Fenders.

1- Shape

When you look into the boat fender market, you will find a number of designs, but one thing to bear in mind here is that you attach the same fender all around your boat. You would want the same pressure around.

  • Long fender - This is one of the most loved and popular types of fender. It is easy to handle, and you can launch it vertically or horizontally from lifelines, railings, and cleats. All these fantastic features of the long fender make it one of the top boat fenders.
  • Ball fender - It is made up of PVC, which is a sturdy material, its shape is spherical, and it is inflated with air. When navigating through tight locks and locations, this is your best bet to avoid any problems. They are also great at absorbing shocks.
  • Cushion and flat fender - Flat and cushion benders are amazing for any type of vessel. The main benefit of this type of bender is a low risk of slippage, a wide range of applications, and high storability.

2- Material

Rubber and foam are the two main materials used in boat fenders.

  • Foam - Their lifespan is very long as the water doesn't seep into these fenders. The inner layer of the fender is made up of polyurethane elastomer, which is reinforced, and the outer layer is made up of polyethylene foam.
  • Rubber - These kinds of fenders are used in a variety of ways and come in different shapes and sizes. But their purpose is the same: they provide the hull pressure in the necessary direction and reduce the input force. They are a very popular choice and come in a variety of options.

Over to you,

Remember the points mentioned above in mind the next time you are wondering about boat fenders. They are an essential component of any boat and can help you prevent loss of any kind. Ensure that your boat has them.

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