Is Eating Whey Protein Prior to or Post Workout Better?

Posted by Aman Lalwani on January 23rd, 2023

Timing is the most crucial aspect of working out, and choosing the time to consume whey protein is no different. You might wonder whether to eat it before or after a workout, and it is quite a common question, with valid arguments for both options.

Many experts recommend consuming whey protein in the post-workout window as consuming protein during this time helps to speed up muscle recovery and repair. Post-workout, muscles are in need of recovery and repair as they are in a state of breakdown. To provide your muscles with the necessary nutrients they need to grow, you should consume a high quality protein supplements after workout like a premium whey protein blend.

Some other experts do argue in favor of consuming whey protein before a workout. It helps to provide your body with necessary energy it needs to perform at its best. It can also help to prevent muscle breakdown during your workout, which can lead to faster recovery times.

When it comes to the whey protein price 1kg, it varies depending on the brand and quality of the product. The price of whey protein in India per kg ranges from around 2,000 rs to 12,000 INR for a genuine company. However, higher price does not imply a better quality. A better idea would be to research and compare different brands and products before making a purchase.

Remember that the best time to consume whey protein will depend on your individual goals and needs. If you are looking to maximize muscle recovery and growth, consuming a post-workout protein powder is likely the best option.

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