9 Things to Know Before Buying Diapers for Newborns

Posted by Harleen Kaur on January 23rd, 2023

Diapers are one of the most important things in a baby’s wardrobe. Maybe not the most stylish of accessories but they are certainly one of the most needed and useful clothing pieces indeed. But if you are going to get diapers for newborns then you must surely take care of a few things, to choose the right ones as well as to use them. Let us help you with this course.

Types of Diapers

There are two main types of diapers that you can pick for your newborn. They are cloth diapers and disposable diapers. As the name suggests, the former is made with cloth and can be reused, whereas the latter is made to be disposed of after single use. Cloth diapers, while affordable and eco-friendly, are cumbersome to use and messy. Disposable diapers on the other hand are so much more convenient to use and hygienic too. If you are someone who wants to use disposable diapers for your baby, then this article is for you.

How Do Diapers Work

The core of a disposable diaper is made up of multiple fine layers of breathable and absorbent fabric, which helps to wick away any moisture and keep your baby dry. The best newborn diapers are designed using the latest technology which not only locks in the liquid but also helps to keep away the odour. Moreover, they can quickly absorb large quantities of urine hence reducing the chances of rashes and infection to a minimum. Their waistband and leg openings are elastic that gently but firmly contour the baby’s body and prevent any leakages.

How to Choose the Best Newborn Diapers

While looking for the best diaper for newborn baby always go for well-known brands as they are better equipped to offer you quality and features. Look for those diapers that are soft and breathable. They must not only have the capacity to hold much moisture but should be able to do so swiftly. A diaper meant for your newborn baby must be free from harmful chemicals like parabens and SLS. And if your baby’s skin is extra sensitive, then it must also be free from skin irritants such as artificial fragrances and dyes.

Few Things to Keep in Mind about Newborn Diapers

Beginning with Diapers

You should only begin using diapers for your newborn baby after 2 to 4 weeks of her birth. This is vital since before this time her skin is too sensitive and fragile, so can get irritated by them. It is best to use cloth diapers for your baby and clean her with plain warm water and cotton during the first few days of her life.

Stocking Up

Before getting a large pack, you must first check if the diaper suits your baby using its small pack. It is crucial since even the premium ones can cause rashes in babies with extra sensitive skin. The same goes for wipes. Only get a large pack of the best wipes in India your money can buy if you are certain it suits your little one’s skin.

Picking the Right Size

You can always find the range of weight, eg. 3 to 5 kgs, printed on the diaper packs indicating they are meant to be used for babies belonging to that weight group. You can also find the word ‘Newborns’ or the term XS (Extra Small) or S (Small) on the packs.

Frequency of Changing

It is not necessary to wipe your baby’s bottom and change the diaper every time she pees. As a newborn can pee up to 20 times a day, it is ideal to give the diaper a change every 2 to 3 hours as it can be nearly fully soiled in that duration. You can also make use of the wetness indicator in some diapers to judge the time of changing.

Using All Day

Even though diapers for newborns are very convenient and made to be gentle on their delicate skin, you should refrain from using them continuously, throughout the day. After you remove a soiled diaper and clean your baby thoroughly, you should leave her to play bare bottom, on a mat. This is vital to air out the skin and dry it nicely. This will prevent any rashes or fungal infections.

Leaving Overnight

It is okay to leave a diaper on for the whole night. If your baby hasn’t pooped in it you do not need to change the diaper during the night. Before bedtime, put on a fresh overnight diaper, made especially to absorb heavy moisture content, and let her sleep undisturbed. It will keep her dry and comfortable at nighttime. 

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