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Posted by Sheraton Veranda on June 28th, 2016

Leaking fuel tanks may prove to be very dangerous as they may bring about a catastrophe in the event of a fire. Moreover, they can also cause a number of environmental hazards as well. Regardless of the fact that a tank is placed inside or outside of your establishment, a spill may contaminate different water sources, like drinking water supplies and private wells. Just a single cup of leaked fuel has the ability to contaminate an amount of water equal to a full-sized swimming pool.

So if you own an industrial establishment that makes use of such kind of fuel tanks, it is highly important to keep a keen eye on their proper maintenance. Draining oil tanks on a periodic basis is a fine option in this regard. If you cannot do it on your own, there are different companies that offer such kind of services. They make use of filtering skids in order to ensure the proper safety of fuel tanks.

In case you want to install a new fuel tank within your establishment, it is important to ensure that all the safety measures are considered during the process. You need to hire a registered contractor for the job. Moreover, regular inspections are very important in order to make sure there isn’t any spill or leakage. In case you have such a fuel tank in your home, you need to make sure that it is approved by ULC or CSA. You should make sure that it is properly installed and conveniently accessible for any kind of inspections. It is highly recommended to make use of filtering skids as well. Listed below are a few precautions that you may consider in order to ensure the safe use of your fuel tank.

First of all, you need to hire the right contractor for the installation of the tank in order for it to be set up in a professional fashion. After that, you need to inspect it properly on a periodic basis. It is recommended to make the inspections at least once every year. Replacing your tank after a few years is a good option in order to ensure the proper safety of your premises. If there are any unused tanks, you need to drain them out immediately for any left-out fuel.

In case a spill is detected, draining oil tanks is the right course of action. If you can block the leakage without any risks, do it immediately. Then you need to establish contact with a professional contractor who can help you out with the situation.

In addition to the above-mentioned instructions, you also need to contain all the spilled fuel by making use of any available material, like plastic sheets, absorbent pads, kitty litter, peat moss, newspapers, rags or pails. Keep in mind that it may prove to be fatal if you flush the contaminated materials or the spilled oil down the sewer or floor drain. Pushing the stuff into a septic system is not a good choice either.

Filtering skids are vastly used for draining oil tanks. You may also use them for ensuring the safety of your premise.

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