Why Body Movements Are Truthful?

Posted by Neha Dajapati on January 24th, 2023

We all know we consciously choose words to express ourselves to others. 

  •   Salespeople use words to negotiate a deal
  •   Teachers use words to get a student to understand
  •   Dating couples use words for romantic purposes
  •   Politicians use words to capture votes
  •   Parents use words to raise children

As you can see, people select certain combination of words to get others to

act a certain way. And that is called CONTROL.

What is the benefit for you to be controlled? Positive or Negative? It’s your choice!!

How do you know the person talking, or not talking, has your best interest?

Easy and true answer: learn the subconscious controlled body language of people

speaking or not.

And for those of you who stubbornly discredit body movements as not scientifically a proven method of interaction. consider the following:

  •          Darwin, Ekman, and Sorenson found inborn gestures are the same across multiple cultures.
  •          Americans’ psychologists Grinder and Bandler known as Neurolinguistic Program
  •          The brain’s amygdala activates adrenaline controls the rate a crossed leg bounces up and down.
  •          The brain’s pleasure signals process emotions which create a real smile.
  •          Liars increase hand to face gestures.   Researched by Desmond Morris, author of People Watching
  •          Liars’ smile faster and lasts longer than a genuine smile. Per Paul Ekman, Psychologist and Professor at University of California
  •          Men use their body, not face, to express attitudes. Researched by G. Calden, R.M. Lundy and

R.J. Schlafer, Journal of Consulting Psychology.

These are seven (7) examples of scientific proof the translation of body language is truthful and not controlled by the conscious mind. Unlike words what you see is what you get.

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