Umbraco is the best in class Content Management System - Here’s Why?

Posted by Foji Ciwas on January 24th, 2023


So you're exploring a content management system (CMS) and are feeling a little overwhelmed. After all, content is the lifeblood of the business, therefore you must select the best option for your needs.

There are many CMS alternatives available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As our team of Umbraco certified developers knows the appropriate mix of performance and simplicity.

We've observed before that the content management system - it is the unsung hero powering many wonderful websites. In this blog, we'll explain why it is one of the greatest CMS options for your specific business needs - read on to learn more!

What is Umbraco?

It is an open-source content management system (CMS) based on the ASP.NET framework from Microsoft. It's a tried-and-true solution for businesses searching for the flexibility and efficiency of a modern CMS.

'Open Source' does not always imply 'FREE.' The fundamental value of open source software is the ability to customize it to meet your own requirements. It is essentially a blank canvas that can be customized to fit the needs of your website, resulting in a simple and painless experience for content editors and managers.

Why choose it? Find out the why here!

Content management is easier

The content management experience is simple and intuitive. It is a platform for non-designers and non-developers that is exceptionally fast and simple to use. Anybody with a basic understanding of how to use a browser may rapidly learn how to change and manage a website. The content structure makes it simple to visualize the structure of your site. It's simple to find and change pages and content. It only takes a few clicks to publish adjustments.

It can handle a wide range of content kinds. Users may submit photographs and videos with ease and even construct an image slider straight on a website.

Scalability at its core!

The versatility of this CMS is well known. Professionals can update the changes per the needs of the business without having to make any significant changes. Because it can be customized and both small and large businesses can use it. It can scale with your business, so you'll never have to switch CMS again.

Whatever expansion means to you, whether it's adding additional services or extending your product line, it can adapt to your evolving requirements and provide the best-in-class experience to your users.

Offers top-notch mobile responsiveness functionality!

People use mobile phones more than any other gadget, and they seek a website that provides the best mobile experience. Google, on the other hand, has made mobile-friendliness a rating criterion, ensuring that your site is accessible on all platforms.

It comes to the rescue in order to achieve this responsiveness. The developers can easily provide the greatest user experience across many devices with this CMS. It priorities responsive design, enabling your content to be displayed on a variety of devices. To help you create experiences that operate on desktop, mobile, and tablet, the CMS has a drag-and-drop matrix editor as well.

Better security is another reason to choose!

It also provides top-notch security when it comes to constructing your website and securing your content. The CMS is based on Microsoft's ASP.NET programming language, which is more secure than other open source development technologies. It runs to infiltrate testing on a periodic basis to ensure the framework's safety. It's also simple to have your IT security team do internal entrance testing and rectify any flaws that are detected.

Better flexibility leads to the best integration

It is totally adaptable from the standpoint of certified developers, as well as content managers and editors. It gives you complete control over how the material is presented, irrespective of the platform.

You may create a user-friendly editing experience by using responsive websites and custom data types. We can integrate it with external systems by creating bespoke pages and modules. Because of its out-of-the-box versatility, it makes integrations simple and rapid. It can be combined with a variety of APIs and third-party systems, including Applicant Monitoring Systems, Google Maps, Google Calendars, and customized Learning Management Solutions.

Open-source nature & increasing friendly community!

It is a free, open-source website content management platform with simplicity and efficiency at its core, built on the reliable, robust, and safe Microsoft.NET platform. Being open-source means no hidden costs or commitments, as well as a lot of versatility and creative freedom for your website. It has a robust developer community that offers training, support, and commercially licensed add-ons from the well-known umbraco agency HQ in Denmark. It currently has over 700,000 active installations and a community of over 200,000 users.

Wrapping up!

It is one of the most popular open-source content management systems. It's difficult not to select it when you have the freedom to design whatever you want, the ability to scale with your business, and the support of a large community. Now you understand why we adore it (and why you must, too); if you have a site that is presently built on it or you would like to migrate it, get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you. Our certified developer has years of expertise working with it, both throughout the decision-making process and during implementation and maintenance.

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