6 Essential Tips To Find A Perfect Engagement Ring

Posted by ASR Gems on January 24th, 2023

Have you found your special someone and are ready to get engaged? It's super exciting, and you can feel the butterflies in your stomach. Right when you head to the preparations and shopping, you need to make a significant decision, i.e. the engagement ring! Since it is not just any ordinary ring, everyone wants it to be remarkable. Thankfully, you can easily get your dream engagement rings in Canterbury from bespoke jewellery stores. However, if you are overwhelmed with the options, let us make it easier for you with some useful tips.

  1. The metal of the band

Numerous metal options are available for engagement rings, including gold, platinum, white gold, rose gold, and more. Although all metals look stunning, it all boils down to personal preference. If you want to match it with your partner's choice, look at your partner's jewellery collection, specifically their rings.

  1. Different shapes, different styles

Do you know that the shape of diamonds is as important as any other factor? Not only it makes the ring unique, but it also impacts the cost. That's right; diamond cuts are priced differently; for example, a round cut is much more expensive than a pear or marquise shape. Before going shopping, try to have at least one or two favourite cuts in mind.

  1. Consider the carat size.

Does your partner have a carat size of the stone in mind? If not, it will be easier to try the rings in person to check the desired size and shape. If you want to save money, look at diamonds with a lesser-common carat, such as 0.92 instead of 1. This is a simple trick because when you look at the diamond, you won't be able to differentiate between both, but your pocket will!

  1. Get it directly from a jeweller.

A customised ring feels more special than simply strolling into a store and choosing something. After all, customers today prefer quality and uniqueness over size or shape. Whether you are looking for the trending aquamarine halo ring or the vintage style cushion cut, get it customised directly from the jeweller.

  1. Go shopping together.

Unless you are planning a surprise proposal, it is best to go together and choose your engagement and bespoke wedding rings in the UK. This way, your spouse can select their engagement ring with open discussion. You can even choose from the matching couple rings available at the store.

  1. The price tag doesn't matter.

Lastly, do not worry if you are not ready to spend tons on the engagement ring. While various ad campaigns and social media will make you want to get the best and most expensive one for your partner, the price tag doesn't accounts for your love towards them! Get the ring your women would adore, not the one that aligns with unnecessary standards.


This information will help you in the right direction as you search for the ideal engagement ring! What matters most is your and your fiancé's happiness, regardless of whether the ring is made of gold, diamonds, or platinum. Luckily, you can now buy beautifully customised engagement rings at affordable prices when you buy them from bespoke jewellery in Bristol.

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