Benefits of House Clearance in Merton and What to Look Out For

Posted by Rubbish and Garden Clearance on January 25th, 2023

Benefits of House Clearance in Merton and What to Look Out For

House clearing is a difficult task. Consider how you would grip the removal of outdated furniture, the clearance of rubbish, and the clearing of clutter. Going the DIY route can be so difficult, whether you're moving to a new apartment or bringing someone into your home. Thankfully, there are a few house clearance companies that will complete the clearance task for you.

Rubbish and Garden Clearance provides House Clearance in Merton. In any type of job, we professionally do our work to fulfill our customer’s requirements. We can provide a professional rubbish clearance service that suits you and your requirements.

Hiring a service provider can be advantageous whether you're recommending your property to someone, moving into a new apartment, or emptying out a property after the resident passed away recently. Here are some advantages of using a house clearance service in Merton in case you're wondering why it's a better option.

Quality of service and efficiency

The task is skilled professionals from a clearance service company. They are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in cleaning up a property, organizing chaos, and getting rid of rubbish. When you hire one, you can count on high-quality clearance services and overall effectiveness.

The greatest peace of mind

It can be difficult to clear your property on your own. It is not only a difficult chore but there may also be some safety concerns. You could damage yourself if you're not an expert. Hiring a house clearance service provider has the advantage of allowing you to do the task with complete peace of mind.

After-job solution

You can anticipate that a hired firm would be able to provide more than just the essential services. They'll make sure your place is left nice and clean. Additionally, they may provide you with some insightful advice and unique solutions that can be used or implemented to manage your property.

Best practices for finding a house clearance service in Merton

Choosing the right firm to provide a house clearance service might be really important. When searching for a service provider, the following considerations should be made:

Recommendations: Be sure to conduct an online search for a local clearing service provider or ask your family, neighbors, friends, or coworkers for recommendations.

Proofs of service: If you have a list of prospects, check some web reviews and rate them, or ask for client testimonials.

Check with a few potential clients to verify if they have the necessary insurance and licenses to complete the task.

Service: Call your potential clients to learn more about their clearance services, and then choose the one that is best for your property.

3 Tips for a Smoother House Clearance Merton Procedure

Whether you are watching to clean up the clutter that has heaped up over the years or preparing your home for a sale, the procedure of clearing your house can be worrying. House clearance Merton can be a bit untidy and challenging because it includes dealing with much junk and rubbish. There is no informal way to pack up and remove the mess, particularly if the clearance includes downsizing or decluttering the house.

If you need to have a smoother house clearance in Merton experience, here are three instructions for you to keep in mind:

1. Formulate a plan ahead of time

Planning is an important step to ensure a smooth house clearance company in Merton procedure, in which you plan where to start and how to continue. Check and estimate the amount of time you want to sort through the entire household–room by room.

The rule of the scan here is to allow at least 12 hours per room—based on two persons' responsibility for the cleaning procedure. It may sound like a time-consuming duty, but giving ample time to go finished every section creates a stress-free process.

2. Separate the things you want to keep from the ones you don’t

After you have confirmed the amount of time and the timetable you are essential for the house clearance, you can then choose which things you need to keep and which ones are junk, for donation, or up for sale. You can use the circulation light system for classifying these items—green for “bin/rubbish,” red for “keep,” and orange for “donate/sell.”

Go through each room, label all you see, and be as full as possible. Make sure that you only use the red sticker only for the items that you need to keep and use. Once you have branded all, you can group those items with the same colors in one corner.

3. Make preparations for the clearance

Those in red labels can be put aside, and unless you are moving, you can appoint a moving company to help you with that.

Below are three categories of things that you should consider:


Selling might help you generate income in addition to aiding in the Merton house clearance process. For precious items like antiques, jewelry, or pieces of art, get in touch with reliable auction services or conventional purchasers.

Less valuable items can be sold on eBay, Gumtree, or Etsy, including clothing, furniture, books, and silverware. You can work with regional nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to arrange donations. Since upholstered furniture requires a fire safety certificate, ask them what items you may give.

Get rid of

A waste bin company is a fantastic choice for simple item removal. They can arrange a variety of waste materials, including household wastes (cardboard, broken toys, books, and magazines), green wastes (old potted plants, grass clippings, and dead plants), and old electronic devices (fridges, computers, TVs, and speakers). They can even arrange a collection of old furniture (lounges, sofas, tables, and beds). They can also assist you in selecting the proper sorting method to guarantee the greatest environmental benefit.

Dangerous and hazardous wastes

Items that are regarded as harmful must be appropriately disposed of. These things can't be taken away by a skip bin, including wet paint, carpet, oils, mattresses, liquid concrete, hazardous chemicals, and tires. Because they could be poisonous, combustible, or explosive, throwing them in the trash or recycling bin is equally unsafe. Ask your local municipality about their procedures for disposing of dangerous and hazardous garbage first.

Hire a professional house clearance company in Merton

The procedure that is involved in house clearance in Merton is not simple, and this is where an expert house clearance company comes into the picture. One of the biggest benefits of hiring one is unique and complete solutions to your wants.

House clearance Merton includes handling subtle and fragile objects, as well as odd-sized furnishings and unsafe and hazardous things. It needs careful planning, which is why it is perfect to have a correctly insured, dependable, and liable company to carry out this duty.


There is an enormous benefit to hiring a house-clearance service. As debated above, you can expect quality service and efficacy, have the utmost peace of mind and can make some after-job solutions. That said, make sure to trail some of the tips declared above when looking for a clearance service. Ultimately, the correct one can clear your stuff and bring out the best in it!

If you’re observing a house clearance service in Merton, get in touch with us today to see how we can help! We are happy to help.

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If you’re observing house clearance services in Merton, get in touch with us to get how we can help.

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