The Keratin enriched Onion Hair Shampoo To Restore Your Hair

Posted by Jakes on January 26th, 2023

Keratin is the structure found in goat hair, a popular protein source for humans and animals. The word keratine comes from the Greek word keratoin meaning ‘fair’ or ‘fine’. Keratin is an important protein found in every cell in our body, but research has shown that it isn’t actually used by our hair to produce locks of hair – rather it’s used as an additional source of moisture. Keratinised hair is more moisture-retaining than dry hair and means your locks stay curable longer. The stronger the fibre found in your fiberrich scalp the better the result, which explains why this shampoo is so great for blonde co-ordination and redness problems too! This Keratin enriched shampoo will leave your hair smelling fresh and feeling refreshed while giving it a protective coating to keep odds and sods at bay.

What is keratin?

For the longest time, people have been confused about the difference between keratin and human hair. The protein found in human hair is called carotenin, which is what gives it its colour. Despite what you might have heard, keratin is not a protein found in human hair and is instead a type of plant fiber. Keratin is used to strengthen and protect hair, but it’s not actually shown to be advantageous in the long run. It’s actually been shown to be a complete protection against diseases like hair-loss and scalp diseases such as Pilocytic Encephalitis. Although we’re sure it’s used as a source of good luck in cultures all around the world, we’re less sure why this might be.

How to use keratin Enriched Onion Hair shampoo?

For the most effective shampoo, you’ll want to use it on clean, dry hair. It’s best to use a course shampoo that targets the root section – much like a rinse-off conditioner would. It’s also a good idea to shower in the morning before you head to bed to give your scalp a thorough wash to rid it of any build-up. While your scalp is being washed, you’ll also be working out any traces of oil from your hair. If you’re experiencing oil build-up in your scalp, it’s best to oil yourself up with a good, full-fat shower soap before rinsing off. Once your scalp is clean and your hair is full of lather, applying the keratin-rich shampoo will help to remove any excess oil and give your scalp a final wash to help it blend in with your shower walls.

What is Keratin Enriched Onion Hair Conditioner?

Keratin Enriched Onion Hair Shampoo is a powerful hair growth oil that will help to improve the healthy hair growth of your brown skin. This shampoo is also natural, so you will be able to feel better about its ingredients. The oil will help to reduce the appearance of gray hair and bring about healthy hair growth. It is also effective in promoting hair growth in other areas, such as the face and body.


If you’re looking for a great way to maintain your hair straight and your nails bright, then this is the perfect shampoo for you. It’s packed with protein to help with moisture retention and a protective coating to keep odds and sods at bay. If you’re looking for more than just a quick boost of moisture, you could always go with a humidifier bottle or a body mist, but for more dry areas this shampoo is perfect. If you want to get back to your best self, this is the perfect way to do it.

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